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The first glimpse of the debut album from Russian producer Proxy comes in the form of an acid-drenched apocalyptic techno track titled “Audio 15”.

Preview the new single bellow and look for Proxy’s upcoming full-length, Music From the Eastblock Jungles out this Fall through Dim Mak (U.S.) and Turbo Recordings (International).

HA! First of all, the name of this song already predisposes me towards liking it.

But on top of that, Spoek loosens up a tad from the cult leader death threat vibes of his previous Discobelle Records release and raps fluently about hot dogs with mustards and ketchup, house parties and genetalia. He also just got signed to Sub Pop by the way! ‘Bout time all that hustling payed off.

The last time I remember hearing from aUtOdiDakT was when Proxy turned “Shit Yr Rack” into a gutting, stretched out grinding vortex of brown note inducing sound. Here, aUtOdiDakT employs some skeletal bass that’s likely to re-align your spine if you’ve got back problems and mess it up if you don’t. It’s heavy, but doesn’t overpower the rest of the song – metaphorically, it’s the gasoline and purple sizzurp that’s fueling Spoek’s rants.

Definitely one that will get some positive vibes if rinsed at a big messy party of any type.

aUtOdiDakT & John Disco feat. Spoek Mathambo – Fake Fred Perry (Mediafire)

Bonus: You know Sharkslayer got their mitts on this too.

aUtOdiDakT & John Disco feat. Spoek Mathambo – Fake Fred Perry (Sharkslayer Club Mix)

The whole release is available on Beatport with remixes from Munchi and others!

Our friends over at Fairtilizer runs of the tightest pages in the game. They’ve featured a ton of artists and now the time has come for hard hitting Russian techno producer Proxy to hit us with a mix/playlist. Check it out and don’t forget to read the interview.

BONUS: Stephan AKA The Genevan Heathen hooked us up with the “collector’s edition” (separate tracks, 320 kbps) of his latest mix “Win In The Movie”, it was produced by Matt Foley and is all about tracks from movies.

The Genevan Heathen – Win In The Movie mixtape (Rapidshare, zip file)

Tracklist after the jump.

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