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Over the last year, Japan’s nightlife scene has undergone a series of difficult changes centred around the implementation of “fuzoku laws”, which were established in 1948.Though the law generally deals with restricting the sale of sex and businesses that may offer similar services, more recently it has been expanded to include “nightclubs and related establishments that allow customers to dance.”

You can and should read about the regressive crackdown here – a stark contrast from the all-night dance parties that the city was known for years ago. Fortunately, there are people working to change the way things are now. This includes newly launched label Diskotopia, which began as a visual collective featuring ex-pat Matt Lyne (A Taut Line) and Japanese female DJ Am Rhein in Osaka back in 2005.

This dub of “You Can Take a Heart” personally reflects my favorite things about the Osaka nightlife culture I fell in love with when I came to Japan – dark & moody basslines snaking throughout the track, dissonantly ambient vocals and a complete disregard for peak time dancefloor pleasing – opting instead to be played out in the early hours, just before the pachinko parlors open, drenched in all their smoggy Osaka glory.

Hong Kong In The 60’s – You Can Take A Heart (Diskotopia Dub)