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An album that we’ve listened to a lot this summer is “Dreams from The Shore” (released via Radio Juicy) from two amazing producers, UK-based Psalm Trees and Malmö based Moose Dawa and the album is a smooth, intricate and sample-based affair of chilled-out and warm sounding jazzy awesomeness.

“Dreams From The Shore is the result of what can be achieved together from different parts of the world, transversing the barriers of language and societies norms into sound, reminding us that no matter where we are, like the sea we are always in some sense connected”

Dublin based hip hop producer Rejjie Snow with a mix done for Radio Juicy that features an exclusive track from Yung Lean.

“I made this shit for all the kids out there that are kinda stuck in that Tumblr Internet hip hop world that love good music but don’t know where to find it. And also for them lonely walks home when the drugs are wearing off and you’re looking forward to your warm bed and a nice cup of tea. And big love to Yung Lean.”