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Something feels unmistakably sincere about the music Brenmar touches – whether in the sample laden edits of overlooked classics like Cassie’s “Me & U” or original tracks that showcase a deep affection for HipHop, RnB, Bass, House, Juke and the aesthetics of the club, there’s almost always a sense that Chicago’s Bill Salas is making music that he himself would jump around to with hands thrown in the air if it came on in the club.

Releasing a new track every time he hits a new 1000 followers on twitter, Brenmar just dropped the latest one, a 2011 update to Ralphi Rosario’s classic house track. Definitely for the clubs and accompanying DJs, it’s the kind of thing that will evoke nostalgia and make you want to design some futuristic two-step cooking dance synthesizing moves at the same time too.

Download from Souncloud below:

You Used 2 Hold Me (Brenmar Remix) by BRENMAR

Artwork by Jared From BlackYard

The Swiss duo in Mercury have been on fire lately with numerous remixes and mixes. Here’s another treat from them with some of the finer moments of Chicago house re-edited.

“An old wisdom says: “Knowledge is the foundation of all things. Wisdom is the manifestation of knowledge.” In this spirit we studied the history of House music and, as an exercise and manifestation of what we have learned, re-edited House tracks by Steve “Silk” Hurley (Voices of Life), Cajmere and Ralphi Rosario with the objective of making them sound classic and fresh at the same time. As we feel enthusiastic about the result of our exercise and love the idea of a Chicago House renaissance on contemporary dancefloors we want to share what we call “Chicago’s Finest Re-Edited”.”

Mercury – Chicago’s Finest re-edited (link to Fairtilizer download)