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UmeÃ¥ rapper Skrrk (AKA Erk, from the Trainspotters and Random Bastards crews) has teamed up with producer Min Vilja Är Folkets (Northern Tactics) for the album “Törley Törpers” (the title is an homage to Sweden’s favorite brand of cheap sparkling wine).

The album dropped last week and now we get the visuals for the piano-laced track “NEBUKADNESSAR”.

Last week, UmeÃ¥ (Northern Sweden) based rapper Broder John (part of duo Broder John & Friman, also part of the Hoopdiggas and Random Bastards collective) dropped his debut solo album “Cool” on which we hear him dissecting male peer pressure and culture. The stand out track in our opinion is “Vem Är Du?” which should be considered for a lot of best of the year lists.