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Malmö based producer Slackin Beats drops his new EP today, “Drop The Kid” focuses on the electronic elements of his production and features collaborations with the likes of Connor Pearson and Rebecca & Fiona. The atmospheric sounding five tracks on the EP twist and turn with angular compositions and they seem aimed at both the dancefloor and the bedroom.

“After a day playing around in the studio with our team, we suddenly realized that we had made the best fucking Christmas song ever! It is an ambient ballad that we both feel very strongly about, musically and emotionally. This release is our gift to all of you who stuck with us this year, through our changes in genres and through our first live tour. You were with us all the time, and we wish you a great holiday season and a Happy New Year! We love you.”

One of the most prolific dj/production duos in Southern Sweden, Matchstick Men (Ninjo Bergström and Pierre Zalas) have been tearing across dancefloors, festivals, big events playing with the likes of Zedd, Rebecca & Fiona, Style of Eye, New World Sound, Feed Me, Savage Skulls, Douster, Carli, Maskinen, F.O.O.L and many more.

Now they unleash their skills for us here at Discobelle with a stomping and bassfilled addition to our mix series which sees them going a bit grimey and rough, the mix bounces from the heyday of early 2000’s ghetto house to more modernistic sounding house – both classics and fresh new tracks in symbiosis. Works both for the pre-party and the heaving club.