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Glen Brady AKA Wool is out today with his latest release titled “Rock Opera”. This is the California-based producer’s best work yet and reiterates why he’s become synonymous with acid house.

The first track “Illuminate” is a deep house track with a steady throbbing beat with synth sounds from outerspace.

On first listen to “Rock Opera,” it’s immediately evident where the name comes from. Soprano operatic vocals arpeggiate up and down over fat basslines come together perfectly to remind us that yes, you can mix genres and yes it can sound fantastic.

“Birth Control” starts with a diminutive smooth as butter beat assisted by the sound of hi-hats and vibrating synths that whisper softly in your ear. This is the track you want to get lost in to the early hours of the morning.

Leading the pack of remixes is Delect’s interpretation of “Illuminate.” It comes in with whirring synths that crescendo into telephonic sounds that will send you careening down a dizzying spiral.

Next up are three remixes of “Rock Opera” by Reilly Steel, Wax Romeo, and Boyfriend. Reilly Steel taps into raw industrial noises and phone dials. A big bass line and eerie pulsating synths will be sure to get your heart rate pumping. At points it sounds like lasers bouncing off a funhouse of mirrors, flashing disorienting light keeping you the psychedelic trip the track started you off on. Wax Romeo takes a more rhythmic, rock-inspired approach with his remix that comes at you full force.The operatic vocal samples come to the forefront and are sped up, accompanied by growling synths. Finally, Boyfriend’s remix is one R&B and hip hop lovers will gravitate towards. Nasty is the only way to describe this track with the BPM turned all the way down to 78.

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SF producer Reilly Steel is one of the up and coming producers within the US club music scene and his latest effort “Post Pillow Talk Vol.1” sees him go deeper and more organic with his dark, UK polished sounds. We get 5 tracks that are buzzing with synths and yearning vocal samples and that truly showcases him as a producer to watch out for.

DOWNLOAD: Reilly Steel – Post Pillow Talk Vol. 1 (zip file, Dropbox link)

Reilly Steel

Feb 22 2012

With the release of San Francisco based Reilly Steel’s debut offering “The Challenger EP”, Rock It Science Laboratories swerves into bassier, dark basement type club territory.

We here at Discobelle got an exclusive for you in the form of opening track “Favela Ting” which showcases a baile funk vocal sample that plays off the frugal surroundings and a steadfast marching band rhytm in order to create a track that people will lose their cool to. Grab the track below and check out the rest of the EP.