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River Seine

Aug 19 2011

Relish Recordings delivers their latest signing, International is a new duo from somewhere south of the Alps, Relish welcomes International. The inaugural release – “River Seine” – is an Ibiza meets Manchester piano driven number with 909 snares, simple delays and tightly enveloped chords lend that Detroit nod. Hercules & Love Affair member Kim Ann Foxman provides us with a more discofueled remix where she even adds a bit of her own vocals to give the remix that little extra something.

International – River Seine (Kim Ann Foxman remix) (ge.tt)


Nov 27 2009


Swiss producer and Relish boss Headman has teamed up with fellow countryman Dieter Meier from legendary electronic music act Yello for his latest single “Gimme” (the single was released monday). On the single we get this remix from Surreal Stroll which happens to be the pairing up of Headman himself together with disco/house maestro Daniel Wang.

Headman – Gimme ft. Dieter Meier of Yello (Radio Edit) (zShare)

Headman – Gimme ft. Dieter Meier of Yello (Surreal Stroll remix – Robi Headman & Daniel Wang) (zShare)

BONUS: Grab the In Flagranti remix over at Big Stereo.

Oh yeah, happy Turkey day America!

Relish EP II

Apr 12 2008


Greg from Relish Recordings sent this track to us the other day. “My Love Needs You” is taken from the upcoming “Relish Compilation EP II” (which will be released in June) and it was made by Beni from hard hitting Australian techno duo Riot In Belgium (you know, the ones who did the 2007 anthem “La Musique”). This is a fine bleepy electro track with a pouncing squiggly synthline, 8-bit sounds and handclaps (check the break around the 5:35 mark, it’s sweet).

Beni – My Love Needs You (YSI)

Beni – My Love Needs You (zShare)