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I’ve been a fan of Room8 for a long time so it’s nice to see Ezra Reich back in the music game with some fresh material. Hot off the presses is a remix of Kimbra’s “Miracle,” that hits hard with a fusion of electronic pop, modern dance music, and true soundtrack fundamentals. Take a listen below and don’t forget to grab the free download!


Baby Bash’s “Suga Suga” was probably one of my favorite tunes from my adolescence, so it’s nice to see Jerry Folk give it an uptempo revamp and newfound 21st century relevance. Jerry Folk’s remix adds some funky guitars as well as solitary keys to make a really groovy tune.


Austin based imprint – Whiskey Pickle – had a great 2014 with releases from the likes of Walter Jones, Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss and James Curd. The boutique label is ending this year on a high note with a stellar EP from Barcelona based producer, Playless.

The two tracks “How Much?” and “Juno” showcase not only the diversity but also production quality of Playless’ sound. Kicking it off, “How Much” is straight up Chicago house with lovely piano work and MIDI saxophones. The B-Side “Juno” is just as strong, yet it’s deep rubbery bassline and cavernous reverb give it more of a gritty late-night sound.

Vulture Music label admin Xander Milne gets his hands on “How Much,” twisting and turning it into a g-house funk tune while keeping the piano and adding high-energy vocals. Not to be outdone, Abstrakt Audio takes on “Juno,” stabbing synths and shuffling high hats create a prefect mixture that’s feels right at home on a 4am warehouse dancefloor.


Dutch dance act Mason return with a double A-sided single as the next offering taken from new album “ZOA”.

“Solid Gold” is a track that features the vocals of Dutch avant-garde songstress Pien Feith while track itself is centered around an italodisco beat and an immense hook.

Italian producer/dj His Majesty Andre bursts back onto Discobelle with the premiere of his hypnotic remix that turns a cinematic approach to the track giving us more of a slo-mo, bassfilled house action.


Meaux Green drops a trap inspired remix of Big Sean’s “IDFWY” (I Don’t Fuck With You), a song for all of your haters because whatever, you hate them too. This remix goes hard and Big Sean’s expletive heavy lyrics ensure that this will be played out at all festivals and clubs. Grab the free download below!


Swedish producer Kleerup has been on a brief hiatus but recently released the thumping dancepop single “Let Me In” (features the vocal offerings of Norwegian artist Susanne Sundför), as a precursor to his upcoming album we get the remix EP of the single.

Swedish production/songwriter duo Astma & Rocwell have collaborated with the biggest artists in Scandinavia for the past 10 years, in their hands the track becomes a stadium pop anthem of the finest caliber. On the flipside, Hamburg house producer Sebastien transforms the track to a pumping dancefloor bomb.