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Chicago-based producer BeazyTymes really slows things down for us in his latest remix of Henry Green’s “A Better Place.” This remix isn’t what we’ve come to expect from BeazyTymes, showing that we need to throw aside all expectations and let ourselves be pleasantly surprised. Deep and spacious, BeazyTymes’ flip of “A Better Place” is music we’d like to chill out getting acupuncture too – seriously listening to this is SO RELAXING. Stream it below.


Ottawa production/dj hero Illo with a chilled out remix of the Major Lazer hit track “Get Free”, this should be played as the sun sets with a drink in each hand.

“Waves Wont Break Until The Tide Comes In

What Will I Do In The Sunrise

What Will I Do Without My Dreams.




I tried to play a Kalimba once and it hurt my fingers a lot. Someone who had a much easier go of it is producer STINT and you can really hear the finger harp come out in his latest remix of Canadian singer Sebell’s “Promiseland.” This nouveau R&B flip carries all of what we’ve come to expect from Stint – original yet completely unexpected.


Swedish production duo CANVAS (consists of Andycap and his brother), they just finished their smooth, balearic sounding remix of the single “Hard Time” from emerging Swedish artist Seinabo Sey. The remix unfortunately couldn’t be part of the official single release but is now ready to be unleashed, enjoy!


Our good buddies in the House Music With Love label celebrates 100,000+ Spotify streams of their summer release of the track “Filten” done by Malmö based producer Ascorbite aka Edgar Ariza with a free download of a mesmerizing, ambient sounding remix done by Spain based but Malmö born producer Alveol. The original plan was to release the Alveol remix on the EP but the best things in live should be free, so they’re releasing it as 100% free download.