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The second Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtapes 2011 comes from Stockholm and the mighty Rigas. It’s hard to summarize all projects that Rigas AKA Henrik Von Euler is part of. Besides being one of the forces behind the excellent label Flora & Fauna he is part of acts like Parken and Sjöarna and many more. He is also part of creating the Skwee genre, with his alias Rigas den andra. But Rigas is and has always been his main focus. Rigas is the perfect blend of Prince and Bruce Springsteen if they were produced by Daft Punk. During 2011 Rigas released the outstanding album “Bring The Dead”. Don’t miss out.

In Rigas Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtapes he shows proofs of his eclectic and border breaking attitude. He starts of with screwing down Familjen and before the show is over he has managed to melt together Swedish kraut rock with German techno. How is that for a Sunday dish?

Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtapes 2011 2nd Advent By Rigas by Adrian Recordings

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