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Logo remakes the classic Romanthony track “Hold On”, excellent stuff indeed but we’ll let them explain:

“One of our favorite track on one of our favorite label, Roulé. This track was released in 1999. We made a medley of all versions on this record, choosing parts which interested us the most and we add this very dirty seeping bass.”

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/36164015″ iframe=”true” /]

The week kicks off with a tidal wave sized flood of music – first up is KLSUNDERGROUND001, which Klasse Recordings’ first foray into the various artists compilation field – five tracks from associated friends of the label, including a genius track from recent Discobelle Records artists Viadrina.

You can stream all of KLSUNDERGROUND001 right here, but because making indisposable quality dance music for the masses apparently isn’t enough for Luca Lozano and co, they’ve assembled a gigantic EP on Soundcloud for free download, ten edits, remixes and original productions that hit the sweet spot for any fan of deeply satisfying, reverberatingly original house music.

We’ve already given some praise to Johanna Knutsson’s effortlessly smooth Sinnamon rework, but Mr. Ho’s Notorious B.I.G inspired reworking of the Isley Brothers is a welcome surprise. Elsewhere, Pol_On transforms Shakedown’s “At Night” into a pitch bended mutation of its previous incarnation, and Luca Lozano comes dangerously close to outshining everyone else on the EP with two efforts – the seamlessly bumping, rolling falsetto groove of “Full Black” and an edit of “Let Me Show You Love” that sounds like you’re right there in the recording booth with Romanthony, bottle of champagne in each hand, alternating between yelling the chorus, slurring your words and tipsily dancing around with headphones on.

Listen to them all, download them all, and don’t forget to grab the first (of many, hopefully) Klasse compilation right here.

KLS GIVEAWAYS by Klasse Recordings

Luca Lozano (Klasse Recordings head honcho, 1/2 of Zombie Disco Squad and bikelover) drops an exclusive mix of bumping house music for Samurai.fm.

This mix was made in support of the very first compilation EP released by Klasse Recordings, namely “KLSUNDERGROUND001” which consists of eight tracks from the extended Klasse crew such as Mr. Ho, Red Axes, Sacha Robotti, Viadrina, Jordan Peak and Anders Hellberg. Look for it November 15th.

Luca Lozano presents Klasse guest mix for Samurai.fm (link to Samurai.fm)

BONUS: A tasty quick fix edit also done by Luca Lozano.

24 Hour Romanthony – Let Me Show You Love (Luca Lozano Bootleg) by Klasse Recordings

Tracklist after the jump.

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If the name of Romanthony doesn’t instantly conjure an association with classic house music, boundless creativity and weirdness, you should revisit his discography for a reminder (currently spanning about 570 releases).

One of the perhaps overlooked classics in his catalogue is 1994’s “The Wanderer”, which started out as a white label vinyl with a vocal track cool enough that it kind of makes Prince sound like a dork in comparison (well, that’s a stretch, but Romanthony does ooze cool out of every pore on this one).

Fortunately, Glasgow native Kevin McKay has updated it while still leaving the aesthetic intact. Working something slightly more modern around the structure of Romanthony’s fantastic vocals, McKay repackages his voice to fit with a more modern set, but without overwhelming or cutting up the track into anything unrecognizably jarring.

Romanthony – The Wanderer (Kevin McKay Remix)


Yeah, we know Aleks Discodust AKA finder of all amazing unknown gems already posted this but we just got the go ahead so here you go.

This is a new track called “Curious” from American house producer/dj Romanthony (who is the voice of the Daft Punk classics “One More Time” and “Too Long”. He is also the owner of Black Male Records and creator of house/dance classics such as “Bring U Up”, “Let Me Show You love” & “The Wanderer”). This remix from Treasure Fingers (yeah, the guy that’s blowing up worldwide with that “Cross The Dancefloor” track) is a synth banger that features some vocoder laced housestyle vocals + handclaps and one funky drive in order to get the party going.

Romanthony – Curious (Treasure Fingers remix) (direct link)