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Sensu – Issues

Jun 10 2019

Out now on Quartz Records, Sensu‘s new single “Issues” ft. lyricist and rapper Ryck Jane is out now. This is the third single from her forthcoming debut album, Embrace, which is set to drop in September. Inspired by Asian music and instruments, “Issues” is “related to those individuals who deal with depression and how they cope with it,” says Sensu. Sensu’s unmistakable trademark sound may well be the product of her uncommon production method. After building a melodic progression from a simple chord and fleshing out the high end of each arrangement, she then incorporates vocal samples and bass lines. Only when the rest of these pieces are in place, does she underscore them with a drum pattern. Instead of programming each one, she plays it on a drum pad to make sure the heartbeat of the track exudes as much of a human element as possible. Check it out below: