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Eric Sharp

Feb 7 2013

The San Francisco based moustache clad gentleman known as Eric Sharp graciously sent over his splendid new mix of house jams that he did for the Blu Jemz Night People radio show on Scion A/V. He also just finished a new remix for the Sunshine Jones single “Fall Down” that is both soulful and minimal, perfect for warming us up here in chilly Scandinavia.

Toronto techno/noise pioneering duo Jokers Of The Scene serves up a dark and ominous dj mix for the Dust La Rock and Cody Hudson’s “A Lovely Sort Of Death” exhibition in Los Angeles that opened Friday November 16th and we also get a free download of two new tracks thanks to Scion A/V.

“Canadian electronic duo Jokers of the Scene produce surreal, ambient soundscapes behind spaced out quivering guitar notes that could serve as a soundtrack on an actual trip to the gates of hell.”

Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

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NYC based dj/producer/member of Cubic Zirconia/sake conneisseur and all around genius Nick Hook has worked with some of the hottest artists around and dj’ed pretty much all over the world in the past couple of years. His debut “Without You” EP was done in collaboration with Scion A/V and gives us a glimpse of just how versatile Nick Hook is.

The EP sets out on a number of different styles, textures, and compositions all while still retaining a common thread amongst the tracks, grab the whole thing below and enjoy the exploration of Nick Hook smashing the current dance music scene.

Bruiser Brigade

Sep 22 2012

Rapper Danny Brown leads Detroit collective Bruiser Brigade which also consists of DopeHead, Chip$, Skywlkr and Chavis Chandle, now we get their “Bruiser Brigade EP” – made in cooperation with Scion A/V. It’s a four-track EP that includes the tracks “Errthang” and “Jooky” (with remixes of each track courtesy of Ryan Hemsworth and Lockah).

Stream it below and download for free here.