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Claire Hux

Oct 30 2008


Our buddy DLake (previously mentioned here) just e-mailed us some new stuff.

Texan producer/dj Bird Peterson did this bouncy remix of the track “Holy Ghost In The Club” from DLakes live group Claire Hux (they just signed to Unruly Records). They call themselves a party rap group with a live show more resembling some of those early 90’s groups such as Bel Biv Divoe, Kid n Play, Fresh Prince of Bel Air but with more syncopated dances and goofy lyrics.

Claire Hux also have a brand new mixtape coming out in a few weeks, mixed by the one and only Scottie B.

Claire Hux – Holy Ghost In The Club (Bird Peterson Remix) (YSI)

Claire Hux – Holy Ghost In The Club (Bird Peterson Remix) (Sharebee)

Update: Unruly is turning 15 and they are throwing a big ass party in Baltimore on friday. Check out that lineup and then ask yourself if you really can afford to miss out. And if good music isen’t enough they have free kegs all over the club and serving free breakfast at 4am (ha)!

The original post:

Hey, it’s christmas time in the middle of the summer and this time it’s the legendary Scottie B who plays the part of Santa. Unruly is bringing it big with this 2nd generation baltimore club. This might be the best thing to happen to club music since the SL1200. All these releases are already or soon up at Turntable Lab. You need this and lots of it!

GrownUps can talk for themselves:

“Since 1994 Unruly Records, owned and operated by Baltimore’s legendary DJ’s Scottie B. and Shawn Caesar, has been hailed as the home of Baltimore Club. People around the globe have asked the question: WHAT IS BALTIMORE CLUB? The brand of Baltimore, the foundation of club combined with the element, art and passion of music is what drives the genre most people know as Baltimore club music. This art form of music captivates millions & millions around the globe, crossing racial lines and trends. Our music transcends and revives partying while bringing life back to the dance world. Expanding on the brand, Unruly has branched out and is now recognized for much more than just its Baltimore Club records. For many years, Baltimore hip hop has gone unheard. However, with the increased change of music globally, the Baltimore sound has developed a platform for artists to be heard around the world Unruly Records is the home of some notable and respected DJ’s, artists, and producers from Maryland, D.C. and Virginia such as: “The Club Queen” K-Swift, DJ Quicksilva, DJ Jay Claxton, DJ King-Tutt, Say-Wut, Bigg Patch, DJ Class, Chavy Boys of London, J Child, and Will Roc.”

King Tutt – The Future (zShare)

Say Wut – Keep Rockin (zShare)

Will Roc – Jones In Bmore (zShare)

Chavy Boys (King Tutt) – Georges Groove (zShare)

Say Wut – Go Time Anthem (zShare)

Will Roc – 3 Miles From Nowhere (zShare)


Scottie B vs. DJ K-Swift – Unruly Sampler Mix (zShare)

Tracklist after jump:

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Photo by Glen Jamn

L.A party/feel good throwback hip-hop group Time Machine recently bursted on to the scene with their track “The Groove That Just Won’t Stop” and they’re gearing up for the June release of their album “Life Is Expensive”. The b-side track “Something We’re Becoming” (features Maggie Horn) comes backed up by remixes galore from some hot hot producers such as Discobelle faves Scottie B and Krames. We got our mitts on the Dave Nada remix and just as the tracks on his recent EP for T&A Records, this remix pops off and is ready for the club.

Time Machine – Something We’re Becoming (Dave Nada remix) (direct link)

BONUS: The video for “The Groove That Just Won’t Stop”.

Time Machine, The Groove That Just Wont Stop

PS: Northern Sweden peeps (especially those in Luleå), we’ll be at Deluxe tonight.