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Just yesterday we posted the full stream of his upcoming album “Personality” and now we can present you with the stunning BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix from Hotflush label founder Scuba. His mix features a wide array of exclusive new material from his highly influential label, including tracks from Boddika and Guy Andrews.

DOWNLOAD: BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: Scuba, 2012-02-25 (Zippyshare)

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On monday February 27th, British born but now residing in Berlin producer/dj Scuba will release his third album “Personality” through Hotflush, it’s streamable in wonderful entirity below and just by the first listen we can hear Scuba is well placed on top of the current dance music scene.

BONUS: Check out his beast of a remix of the Bombay Bicycle Club strangely titled single “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”.

New Scuba track from third album “Personality” on March 6th. Sounds kind of like a back alley chase through a dystopian London of the future soundtracked by a bipolar guy with a xylophone. That’s meant to be a compliment, as obtuse as it may sound.

Also: After Scuba let off some anti-feminist opinions on twitter, The Quietus was prompted to write this very worthwhile article about the lingering misogyny present in dance music. Give it a read and add your thoughts to the discussion.

Scuba – Flash Addict

Scuba and his Hotflush label have, since 2003, had experimentation and genre-collision etched into the very structures of everything they do. Putting out key tunes by the core pioneers of dubstep, but also by true outliers like Mount Kimbie, Joy Orbison and Sepalcure, Hotflush has a consistence in diversity: multiple sounds united by true craftsmanship and high-tech expression of complex emotion.

And now, Hotflush is releasing 

BACK AND 4TH on April 4th, a compilation featuring productions from Roska, FaltyDL as well as a collection of essentials from Hotflush’s catalogue with tracks and remixes from James Blake, Untold, Pangaea, 2562 and more.

Free to share with you is the aptly titled “Warehouse” by Boddika, which captures the mood and feel of a gigantic metallic room pounding with percussion and buzzing synth saws. It’s one of the more menacing cuts off the album, but still packs enough punch to get a warehouse of people flush and sweating.