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The 21-year-old Dutch model and musician is following up his debut release ‘Bed Sheets,’ with his new single Meet Again. ‘Meet Again’ moves with meaningful flow; Ruben Pol’s brooding tones ripple over the surface of smooth chord transitions and a lightly sweeping electronic beat.

With a subtle fusion of R&B, country and contemporary songmanship, Reggie Williams is the crooner bringing artistry back to the modern pop game. For ‘With My Words,’ R.LUM.R proves that an old soul can still play in the electronic pop world without copping out, leaving us wondering if there’s any sub-genre or twist that the Nashville talent can’t get away with applying himself to.

Berlin based producer Nick Talos just released a brand new single “Home to You.” An immediately catchy composite of dance and pop flavours with guitar and flute hooks, the track is the result of a session with two-time Grammy nominated songwriter Lucas Secon – who counts The Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and Kyle Minogue as collaborators.

Volt may be one of the hottest bass producers on the rise at the moment. His insane sound design sets him above the rest. He has given us an incredible visual compliment to his latest single “Cut Me.”


Yeah, it’s been a rocky one for hip-hop lovers this year, lots of big names and affiliated noise, but little on the bone for those more attuned to solid lyricism. Cue the return of Chicago’s Joey Purp, who returns n good humor and wonderful form for ‘March 12th.’ There have been comparisons from various critics to that of early Kanye, and that resonates true in the conscious yet traditional approach he takes. There’s no word of a follow-up to that sacred iiiDrops mixtape, but we sure as hell hope this latest single is a sign of more frequent releases from the all-important Chicago rapper.