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For the past decade or so, Palenque Records founder Lucas Silva has done field recordings in the town of San Basilio de Palenque of musicians such as Batata, Son Palenque, and Sexteto Tabala. To introduce this music to a wider club-going audience, Silva teamed up with Dutty Artz ambassadors Atropolis and Geko Jones to curate a compilation of remixed works of Palenquero cultural music. The partnership was initiated when Atropolis met Silva, on a trip he took to San Basilio de Palenque with his New York DJ crew Cumba Mela, and the two of them decided to collaborate on a project. Geko Jones, a regular visitor to the Northern coast of Colombia and staunch advocate for Afro-Colombian music, came on board to help curate the compilation. Together, the two reached out to the Dutty Artz extended family for their remixes, with a host of talented producers such as Captain Planet who turns in a wobbly pop banger, So Shifty who are on a hype German-soca tip, Matt Shadetek on a pensive melodic 6/8 run, and DJs Thornato and Chief Boima highlight the Congolese flavor that so inspires the Palenquero community. Geko Jones and Atropolis also submit their own productions, for an ultimate result that is a reflection of a continued cultural exchange that exists between New York and Colombia.

All this resulted in the new compilation: Geko Jones and Atropolis present: Palenque Records Remixed. Get it on iTunes or Boomkat.

The So Shifty remix is up for free download for a week so be sure to get it.


Tonight marks the 1 year anniversary for the premier tropical bass club night in Malmö (nominated by Nöjesguiden for club of the year in 2012), Be Right Bass does their thing at Babel and have steadily been growing since the start. During the past year they’ve attracted acts such as Gnucci, Mash Up International, Linkoban, Spoek Mathambo, Jubilee, Daniel Haaksman, Lilla Namo, Gato Preto etc.

Tonight they’ll be throwing down one epic party with German marauders So Shifty, fabulous Stockholm trio Panik Disco, one of the best dj’s in Malmö Rob Love along with resident dj’s Maja Goffe & Beatable.

Panik Disco are the masterminds behind Klubb Ouch! at Södra Teatern in Stockholm which shares the same style as Be Right Bass but they’ve also starting working alot with mixes, on their own productions and have some very interesting projects coming up with various exciting artists.

Their mix “We Make Tropical Bass Our Bitch” features exclusive shout outs from a whole slew of artists such as Linkoban, Catnapp, Compadre, Elliphant etc. and showcases their partystarting style:

BONUS: A free download from So Shifty, taken from their participation on the “Fresh Meat” release on T&A:

Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

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A new EP from Daniel Haaksman drops today, the “More Rambazamba” release is the massive remix version of his debut album “Rambazamba” that was released about a year ago. Loosely translated as “more mayhem, on this release once again Daniel takes us to a land filled with tropical bass and urging rythms. The remixes comes from a wide variety of producers such as French Fries, Bert On Beats, Kry Wolf, Schlachthofbronx, Chrissy Murderbot, Jan Driver etc. We here at Discobelle can proudly offer you a bumping remix made by Hamburg’s own So Shifty.

Not only is Daniel Haaksman releasing his new “More Rambazamba” today, he’s also playing here in Malmö at new club night Be Right Bass at Babel. Discobelle DJ’s will be in the bar while Beatable and Danish sensation Linkoban will join in on the fun in the main room.


Oct 18 2011

Malmö producer Joel Carlsson, better known as Joelito gives us a sweatinducing banger with his kuduroesque and handclapfilled remix of the new Boogaloo single track “Xibaba”. The production duo known as Boogaloo has Portuguese roots, their first release “Mkwaju” came out on Moveltraxx a while ago and they now return with the 4 track EP “La Digue” on Austrian label Big’N’Hairy. Other remixes comes from So Shifty, Big Dope P, Cocotaxi, Tipanic, Daniel Klauser etc.

Boogaloo – Xibaba (Joelito remix) (Mediafire)

Mean Bucket is a label straight out of Prague and with their sixth release, they give us a handful of remixes that are based on the tracks from the excellent Berlin based producer/dj Tvyks EP “From Prague To Berlin”. New release “From Prague To Berlin: Remixed” features party starting takes from producers such as Chrissy Murderbot and So Shifty. We’re glad to provide you with a frantic, chopped up ghettotech styled remix of “Speed Bike” by French tag team Big Dope P & Mr Mozaphanka.

Tvyks (ft. C.Monts) – Speed Bike (Big Dope P & Mozaphanka remix) (ge.tt)

Tvyks Feat: C.Monts – From Prague To Berlin Remixed by meanbucket