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Time for another one of our Mixin it up’s. This time we have Solly behind the wheels of steel. Take it away Solly:

“Well hello – My name is Solly. I’m 21 and I’ve been a DJ for 8 years. I just moved to Brooklyn after some time in Tel Aviv and the Midwest. Discobelle gave me the honor of making this little mixtape diddy. It’s got alot of different types of music because I like a lot of different types of music. If you dig it, be sure to let me know at http://www.myspace.com/djsolly

Download: Solly – Mixin’ It Up

Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks on Me (Tittsworth Remix)
It’s only fitting to start with a Titts remix. He is such a talented producer and I play his tracks way to much because there so good. This bmore frenzy is a great start to any night.

DJ Manaia – Fatty Girl
I first found this track floating around the blogs a couple weeks back and it hasn’t gotten old. It slays anywhere and everywhere. Manaia is about to become a household name.

Claire Hux – Down on the Floor (Solly Remix)
Just got this remix out last week. Look for big things from Claire Hux. They have an energy unrivaled to most. This remix is meant to be a little bit more clubby.

Baobinga -State Of Ghetto Jackin feat. DJ Nasty
Baobinga! Wow this bass track goes nuts on you. I really found a lot of his stuff in Israel, where the bass scene is so on top of its game. This track to me kind of brings together everything that was fun at the parties out there.

DJ Technics feat Ms Thang – Tear that ass up
Old school. Its like ketchup, it goes good with everything. Technics knows how to keep it hot and simple.

Drop The Lime – I Love NY (Baobinga’s Fuck Up Like Woah Remix)
More Baobinga. The first time I heard this track the Black Rob drop had me going crazy. Damn Baobinga, I wanna buy you a beer.

Diplo & Buraka Som Sistema – Inna De Ghetto Remix
Diplo can make some hard shit when he wants to. This track sure is heavy and hard when that bass slaps you. Makes me want to go hang out in Portugal.

DJ Class – Tear the club up (Solly Remix)
This is a remix I did last month that just started with me playing around with the original DJ Class song. Along with Samir’s theme, this is up there with the nastiest bmore ever created. I kind of feel like a schmuck for remixing something already so good, I just wanted to crunk it up a bit.

Bird Peterson – Glory Be
What is there to say about Bird Peterson that hasn’t been said.

Emynd – Flip It Snap It
Emynd is a baller. I would play this song everywhere around Tel Aviv and they went nuts for it. They didn’t even get the Friday the 13th references, but its played so hard out there.

Jay-Z – Big Pimpin’
C’mon now. Bring it back.

Chase and Status – Eastern Jam
This is the heaviest song I’ve heard in a while. Tel Aviv converted me into a dubstep believer. Chase and Status have got something great going on.

6Blocc Ft Big Daddy Kane – Rawer
A friend sent me this track. Its pretty heavy. I love the simple bass.

Rusko – Get Ya Cock Out
It’s kind of cool how Rusko is starting to really blow up in the States. He’s got this forward ass sound that is really redoing everything at that 70 bpm dance shit. I like this track a lot.

Bo Bliz – Stick ‘Em Up
The Crossfader Bacon EP is a real bounce forward on b-more. Every track on there is heat. This one especially.

Blaqstarr – Hands Up Thumbs Down
Big things from black start. The new king of crunk.

3 Is a Crowd – Take It Back (HeavyFeet remix)
Heavyfeet has got mad talent in the bass department. There most definitely a group to keep up with. I’ve been hearing this track a lot lately and it doesn’t get old.

Curses – The Deep End (Bart B More Remix)
Deyum!! Curses and Bart! The shit gets nutty. The drum track in this track is house at its best. The little piano sample is epic like a Michael Bay movie.

Paul Johnson – Get Get Down
Good way to cap off the night. Old school Chi house. If you ever find his stuff hidden at the bottom of a pile of old school vinyl in a dusty basement record store, buy that shit up and send it my way.