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Alec Baker is the moniker for Sweden based guitarist and producer Viktor Jansåker. Having spent the main part of the last two years traveling between Sweden, London, and New York, including spending countless late-night sessions in studios and bedrooms has resulted in numerous songs, unexpected collaborations and newfound friendships.

On his magnificent debut single, “Sunslide”, he goes down a path to make sure we get a soulful, warm weather-ready pop jam with help from Summer Heart (also a producer on the track) and London rapper Tony Jian. The track is the first of many that will present Alec Baker to a wider audience and is released today via our friends over at Swedish label Something Beautiful.

“To me, the song gives a dreamlike impression, similar to the feeling big cities sometimes give you. People from all over the world are drawn to those places, to live within that energy. We wrote the song after I spent a lot of time in London and New York. I experienced some fantastic things, but also got an insight into the downsides. The song is a result of both.”

Pjay Parisi has been lauded as the next big star within the Swedish r’n’b scene. His previous single was released two years ago and since then Pjay Parisi has been living with and beyond music, functioning somewhere in the border between poetry, reading, writing and life. Now, he just released new single “Flingor” (taken off his EP “Vasa” which will drop via Swedish boutique label Something Beautiful on March 29th) which is a soft spoken almost muted jam.

Swedish duo Anwai (consists of childhood friends Amadeus Rudolfsson and Mons Lorenzen) has released 4 songs in the same amount of years and up until now racked up over 1.5 million streams worldwide. They’re now readying the release of their debut EP named “DREAMS” (via Swedish label Something Beautiful), the first taste of the EP is the track “Changing” that we here at Discobelle are proud to present to the world.

“Changing” is a track highlighted by the duo’s distinct trip pop sound, a well balanced combination of a more commercial sound with their own electronica based soundscape.

“After some time apart last November, we were sitting in a flat in Stockholm with a guitar and a bottle of wine and decided to write a song. that song came to be the first stone set in the wall for our new EP and also an important marker for us to realize the time is right to put all our energy into this project.” – Anwai

Gothenburg based producer Donnie Castle has recently introduced himself as one to watch with the release of a single trilogy throughout 2017 about his struggle leaving a destructive life behind. The singles have received a lot of attention both in Sweden and internationally with radio plays on national radio in Sweden and Germany and being supported by Flume on his “Essentials Playlist”.

“Answers” is a Discobelle exclusive premiere and the second single track off his debut mixtape “Donnie” which is due to be released in February 2018. The track is a dark, dancey number with sweeping synths and it includes features from well-known rappers OG Maco and Rome Fortune, along with talented DC-based newcomer dopeSMOOTHIES.

“Answers” will be released tomorrow Friday, December 8th via Something Beautiful.

Swedish duo Anwai (consisting of childhood friends Amadeus Rudolfsson and Mons Lorenzen) released their debut single “Asking” back in 2014.

Their new single “Money Rain” (was released October 6th via Something Beautiful) came together after the duo spent some time apart, working on different things. The track possess rippling percussion, soothing vocals, and sweeping synths that combined form an exquisite piece of hypnotizing electronic pop.

Up and coming Swedish producer Donnie Castle is releasing his latest single track “Done (Down)” (released tomorrow March 31st via Something Beautiful) which is the second part of the debut single trilogy being released this spring.

The track handles the struggle, leaving a destructive life and also friends behind and showcases a dark and skittish electro production.

“Where am I going and what do I want with my life? That was the big question i lived with after hitting rock bottom. It was time to get up and deal with the problems in my own way. I could not longer meet my oldest friend because together we became toxic. I’m really done with it, but I kind of like this living.”