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One of Sweden’s most talented rappers – Eboi, and one of Sweden’s most innovative electro producers – Sophie Rimheden, have put their excellent skills together and made a just perfect track – “Whiz Kid”.

Eboi has become a well-known artist over the past two years while performing and touring with Adam Tensta. He is a gifted rapper with a Southern accent and combines impressive flows with complex lyrics.

Sophie Rimheden has made four electronica albums and is working on a new album right now. She enjoys mixing different styles to produce something new and interesting.

(You can hear some vocal parts from the singer in Bob Hund if you listen carefully!)


If you haven’t been to My Best Friend Is My Grind before, you should definetely check them out. They got some serious Swedish hip hop heat up on the site. Sophie Rimheden just dropped her latest remix of Anthony Mills new song over there and we thought we extend the love and post it here too.

Anthony Mills (ft. Adam Tensta) – Silent Communication (Sophie Rimheden Remix) (zShare)

Original and some more remixes of the track:

Anthony Mills (ft. Adam Tensta) – Silent Communication (zShare)

Anthony Mills (ft. Adam Tensta) – Silent Communication (Phunk2 Remix) (zShare)

Anthony Mills (ft. Adam Tensta) – Silent Communication (Rykkinnfella Remix) (zShare)

Home Sweet Home

Oct 23 2008

The original track of “Home Sweet Home” is one of the tracks on Sophie Rimheden‘s new album “The Traveler”, but here she has another go at it. I guess that when you worked on a track for an album you probably had a million ideas on how to make the track perfect, so I like when we get to hear the other direction that the track could have gone.

Sophie Rimheden (ft. Chris Kanaki & DJ Technical) – Home Sweet Home (Rimheden Remix) (direct link)

Sophie Rimheden recorded her live set from the dj-booth last Wednesday. We are happy she did so that we get to listen to it. It consists of a medley of songs from her new album “Traveller”. If you haven’t listened to Sophie before here is your chance to get to know her.

Rimheden DJ-mix (ft. Adam Tensta, Aaron Phiri, Tweeky, & Chris Kanaki) (direct link)

TRACKLIST – Songs from “Traveller” album:

1. All Alone (la la la) feat. Tweeky,
2. Stay the Night feat. Adam Tensta
3. Spinning (from special mp3-edition)
4. Go Away feat. Aaron Phiri. Beatbox by Chris Kanaki.