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The Boston based disco/funk duo Soul Clap remixes the Freaks track “Washing Machine” taken from the “Let’s Do It Again Pt.2” EP (to be released February 26th via Music For Freaks and which also includes a remix from Ricardo Villalobos).

Armed with arsenal of grooved out bliss, Soul Clap effectively reworks the vocals from Diz Washington and delivers a superbly grooved out, hornlaced jam of a remix.


German label Suol are about to release the new remix EP from famed Berlin producer Till Von Sein which ties into his current album “Precious”, the EP includes remixes from Pablo Fierro, Joyce Muniz, Luke Solomon, Tanner Ross und Alex Barck & ComixXx and drops on October 16th.

Your friends here at Discobelle can now give you the exclusive premiere of the remix of the track “It’s All In The Spirit” from Boston producer and part of the Wolf+Lamb/Soul Clap crews Tanner Ross who goes headfirst with a funky piano line and handclaps that together with the hypnotizing vocals make this into a moody yet irresistible slow house groover.


The Boston bosses of disco Soul Clap are at it again, sultry new single “Misty” will drop on Beatport on Monday September 22nd. The track features a collaboration with legendary R&B/house vocalist Robert Owens and the club mix version of the track has been a staple in their dj-sets this summer.

We here at Discobelle are very happy to provide our readers with the free download of the super smooth and funky slo-mo remix from Soul Clap fam David Marston that should be played late at night when you’re in the mood for love.

White Light 73 - Bamboozle

We’re only 4 days into 2013 but already we get a great deep and wintery mix from Bamboozle (1/2 of Boston duo Soul Clap) for the White Light Mixes Series.

“The selection process started for this mix while I was on my honeymoon. my wife and I got into really airy beautiful listening music and started a playlist to make a mix together. The mix never really happened, but the selection was the perfect beginning to my new year’s day mix. it’s kind of cliche at this point, but after a night of raving, who doesn’t want to go back to a homie’s house and get deep, especially after the craziness of the biggest party night of the year. lot’s of djs talk about it, but for our fam it’s a way of life and this selection is another glimpse into how we do it when we’re just hanging. This isn’t really a mix for sunny beaches, it’s a mix for a cold, snowy, cozy afterparty with your friends. Oh yeah and it’s dedicated to my wife, Bambi”

White Light Mixes #73 – Bamboozle (Soul Clap) (direct link)

Tracklist after the jump.

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