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Pic from Brooklyn Vegan

After the success with the Claude Von Stroke tour blog, we now give you the Spank Rock/Ninjasonik European tour diary which showcases a whole other level of shenanigans.

Amanda Blank:

“What happens when you take a group of insane punk rock black dudes from Brooklyn and two smelly white DJs on the road(house) in Europe for the first time ever with one HeavyMetalVomitArtFag/Total Wigger named Spank Rock as their party guide? Bebe’s kids go to Europe and party till they puke. Too Many DJs or Too Many BJs? Watch and see for yourselves what it really looks like to be 24 hour party people.”

DJ Hoff:

“With each video segment we’re also including a track we made on the tour. This first track was made in the Hotel Room in Porto, Portugal at an ungodly hour. Roadhouse!”


Spank Rock, Ninjasonik, DJ Teenwolf – Global (Divshare)


Ronnie Darko of the Spankrock/BBC fam with his Christmas mix from last year.

“Undeniably, the worlds greatest holiday mix that has ever been made!”

Ronnie Darko – BBC Holiday Mix Massacre (2007 refix) (Divshare)

BONUS: Low B’s smooth holiday mix, also from last year. Only two christmas songs, the rest classics.

Low B- Smooth Holiday Mix (direct link)

Tracklist after the jump.

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