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New York’s Spirit Animal just released their EP “This is a Test” last week and they’re offering a remix of the track “Lead!” by Future People as a free download. Grab it while it’s hot and be sure to check out Spirit Animal on tour this fall.

12/15: Washington, DC // Rock n’ Roll Hotel
12/16: Nyack, NY // Habitat for Humanity #Sandy Benefit
12/18: New York, NY // Mercury Lounge w/Churchill
12/19: Philadelphia, PA // The Fire
12/20: Boston, MA // All Asia
12/21: New Haven, CT // The Space
01/17: New London, CT // El ‘n’ Gee
01/23: Chicago, IL // The Whistler
01/24: Dayton, OH // Blind Bob’s

New York’s Spirit Animal has given new meaning to the word “remix.” Instead of picking a single track off The XX’s latest release Coexist, Spirit Animal has reinterpreted the entire album. Eleven second clips from eleven tracks were selected and manually edited. No samples, synths, guitars, or drum machines were used. If there was a drum beat in one of the 11-second clips – or a vocal or keyboard or guitar sound – it was taken, chopped up, and sequenced until it was a real song.


-1st 11 seconds of the 1st song, “Angels.”
-2nd 11 seconds of the 2nd song, “Chained.”
-3rd 11 seconds of the 3rd song, “Fiction.”
-4th 11 seconds of the 4th song, “Try.”
-5th 11 seconds of the 5th song, “Reunion.”
-6th 11 seconds of the 6th song, “Sunset.”
-7th 11 seconds of the 7th song, “Missing.”
-8th 11 seconds of the 8th song, “Tides.”
-9th 11 seconds of the 9th song, “Unfold.”
-10th 11 seconds of the 10th song, “Swept Away.”
-11th 11 seconds of the 11th song, “Our Song.”