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Norwegian pop artist Gundelach dropped his critically acclaimed debut EP last year (the EP was nominated in the best pop album category at the Norwegian Grammys and has seen serious radio play in Germany and the UK along with high streaming numbers) and he’s had a strong run this summer gaining momentum with new single tracks such as “Garden” and most recently the dark pop of “Holy Water,” which Pigeons and Planes described as “hauntingly beautiful”.

We here at Discobelle can now offer up the astounding remix for the single “Garden” by well renowned Swedish artist and producer Dan Lissvik (who is perhaps best known for his previous work with balearic disco/pop outfit Studio along with production and remix projects for the likes of Young Galaxy, Taken By Trees, HAIM, Foals, and Kylie Minogue). Dan Lissvik takes the discoish sound of the original version and adds on a warm electronic sprinkle making this a blissful track for all those late summer nights.

Gundelach is currently working on his debut LP but catch him live at the following upcoming dates:

Fri, Aug 18 // Bornholm, Denmark @ Wonderfestiwall
Wed, Sept 20 // Oslo, Norway @ Parkteatret
Fri, Sept 22 // Gothenburg, Sweden @ HokiMoki

Atelje – 50/50

May 20 2017

Dan Lissvik returns as Atelje and hands us a sun drenched track that’s perfect for the heatwave we’re experiencing here in Sweden, a balearic disco sounding beat, soft sung vocals and gentle guitars is all you need.

The track is lifted off the EP with the same name that dropped yesterday via Vinyl Export.

The new single “From Love” is the 2nd release from Aron McFaul on newly started label West Coast Recordings.

Aron McFaul states his influences as combining elements of Manchester pop music, the blissed out balearic sounds of Studio and the dopeness of A$AP Mob and “From Love” might be one of the best tracks of the year – a sweet sounding, shimmering summer disco track that incorporates birds chirping and stand out vocals for a hypnotic feeling.

“Growing up Aron McFaul wanted to stay in the forest, be invisible in his camo and hunt with a bow & arrow. He felt misplaced in time, daydreaming about being in the wilderness far from city life and all kinds of civilisation.

These dreams about a life in the woods started to clash with something completely new when Aron saw the film ‘Beat Street’ at the age of 8.

The bow was suddenly replaced with a spray can, camo dumped for oversized denim. Seven years later the spray can was put to the aside and a bow was a mer childhood memory as it was now that Aron turned programming beats and exploring soundscapes. And it is within these soundscapes where all his dreams of wilderness clash with the an urban city life. It is where a steady beat can meet dreamy pads, where samples are manipulated into instruments and no borders or time exist.

It is here you can meet Aron McFaul.”

Los Angeles based Brian Reitzell (formerly the drummer of Air and Redd Kross) is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after music supervisors and composers and he is about to release his debut solo album “Auto Music”. The album will be released next month on Smalltown Supersound.

The track “Last Summer” features Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine fame and Dan Lissvik (one half of much revered Swedish duo Studio) remixes to track into a fuzzy, hypnotic soundscape of soft light and summer feelings.

Anton Klint and Edvin Edvinsson (of Fibes Oh Fibes fame) form Tiedye, a Swedish sundrenched and saltwatersmelling disco duo with influences ranging from Swedish progressive pop music but also boogierock and dreamy 70’s disco. The duo have kept a bit quite during the past year apart from the occasional dj-gigs but now New Jersey label Italians Do It Better just unleash the three track EP “Fishermen’s Bend”. The track is apparently a part of Tiedyes debut album which has been in the making for almost two years. Dan Lissvik (1/2 of Studio) offers up a brilliant remix that’s less boogierock and more shuffling disco.

Tiedye – Fishermen’s Bend (Dan Lissvik remix) (ge.tt)

Scion’s studio tour continues! Scion A/V has extended it’s participation in the tumultuous recording industry by producing a series of videos entitled the Scion A/V Musicless Music Conference that lends an insider perspective to the goings-on of the entertainment industry. This time we will take a look at Hip-hop producer JHawk‘s studio!