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RCMP make disco music and it’s as easy as that.

“There was a time when there was a Cold War and AIDS didn’t exist yet. Music was different then. There was something more free and liberated about the music. We want to bring back the spirit of that time.”

Relative Q from Pittsburgh and DJ Apt One from Philadelphia got together to do a couple of edits and remixes last year. The feedback was good and the process fun so they decided to do som original stuff and release it. The result is boogiedisco thats got a some flavours of everything from ibiza bigrooms, african conga rythms and kraftwerk synths and vocoders. Dancefloor mania for sure.


RCMP are releasing their self-titled EP on Flamin Hotz records during the spring. Flamin Hotz is one of the dopest record labels around and always delivers solid and beautiful releases. This year they are doing a new thing, The Flamin Hotz Record Club, which means that you are able to subscribe to all the vinyl releases from Flamin Hotz during the year. You also get the tracks sent to you in a digital format a couple of weeks before the vinyl and the drop in stores. Ten releases are promised and you can get them all delivered to your door. This is a done deal for collectors and now they even ship worldwide! Make sure to check it out.

Here is a track from the RCMP EP, enjoy!

RCMP – The Bird aka Ignition (Yousendit)

RCMP – The Bird aka Ignition (Sharebee)