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One of our favorite “non-dance” albums so far this year, Swedish artist El Perro Del Mar just released her album “KoKoro” last week which sees her exploring her melancholic dream pop with soundscapes that draws inspiration from countries such as Thailand, Sumatra, India, Ethiopia, Japan and China.

“‘KoKoro’ is about the vulnerability and the strength of the heart. What the heart is exposed to, both internally and externally. The heart cannot be protected. Not from pain, not from happiness. Not from love, not from corruption. I’ve been thinking a lot about issues such as ‘who am I if the social norms, expectations and pressures I carry were to be stripped away? Hard? Soft? Or maybe both? In a time that seems to go backwards humanistically and morally, seeking to put up walls rather than tearing them down, I realized I wanted to make a borderless album that belongs nowhere but has a universal voice and a universal heart.”