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Adeline used to be the lead singer of nu-disco outfit Escort, but she is now quickly proving herself as a solo artist with among other things a critically acclaimed self-titled debut album that garnered praise from Vogue, NPR, Refinery 29, Rolling Stone, The Fader and many others.

Her new single “After Midnight” is a warm and funky, discoish affair that comes complete with a smooth sounding piano.

Beautiful new track from the always amazing Sevdaliza, “Hero” is taken from her debut album “ISON” which will be released later in 2017. (Via The Fader)

“hard faced gentle
soldier meant for
depression is a virus
that could undermine us
heroes never cry
headaches blend all
work hard spend all
character assassination
an inverted phase
the enemy is us

i could never make you love me

clear the way
not to mind
teach to walk
not to find
hopelessness it causes
targeted rejection
of ourselves
of the masses
we want for ourselves
what we don’t want
for our children

i could never make you love me”

NYC duo Tempers are releasing their “Fundamental Fantasy” EP this Friday February 24th via The Vinyl Factory. It’s a follow-up to the band’s 2015 debut “Services” which won praise from the likes of Pitchfork, The Fader, Stereogum and Noisey to name a few.

“‘Fundamental Fantasy’ is about exploring the creative scenery of romantic illusions. Our need for them, how we justify them to ourselves, that moment when the imagined story line collides with reality. The ways we fictionalize people to fit into the narratives we have about love – to reflect our own beliefs, virtues and flaws. It is about celebrating fantasies swelling and getting undone, so we can pick up the pieces and craft new ones that serve us better’

The duo (Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper) create an emotional and tonal tension of sensual and mechanical impulses with their brand of dark electronica that sets haunting songs to a sinister disco beat and pop melodies floating in an almost industrial soundscape.

Here in an exclusive Discobelle premiere, Paris-based producer Joakim remixes the band’s latest single “Tail In My Mouth” into a highly hypnotic dark, leftfield electroish remix that’s propelled forward with a steadfast beat.