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Brooklyn Radio this month brings us a very eclectic mix from The Rub. What began in the summer of 2002 as a party where Brooklynites with good taste in music could come together, The Rub has now turned into more than a party and has started a legendary mix series known as Rub Radio. Featuring everything from hip-hop, classic disco, funk and soul, this November 2014 mix has a little bit of something for everyone.

Rub Radio (November 2014) by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

Tracklist after the jump.

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New York based dj/producer DJ Ayres is a staple in the US dance music scene – playing with the biggest and the best for a better part of the past decade. Ayres along with his comrades in The Rub have been a part of the Discobelle family since day one thus we’re very glad to be able to present you with this exclusive mixtape that he put together for us.

On “Perfect Lovers”, he goes all in with a full on 80’s electro/disco mode that already have us and should have you dancing in no time.

NYC producer/dj Cosmo Baker (1/3 of The Rub) is one of the top dudes around and we’re happy to hear this third and final mix chapter of his Love Break series, warm and solid mix to keep you heated amidst all this wintery chaos here in Europe.

“I’m pleased to present to you the third and final installment in my Love Break series. It’s been a long time since I came out with any mixes and a few months ago I was listening to both the first and second mixes in this series and it just struck that I needed to release one very last statement for this. The first two are probably the most heralded mixes that I’ve ever done. They’re the ones that people holler at me about the most, and the ones that I’ve sold the most of with physical product. You can grab the other 2 joints on CD at my store here. It took me a few years to compile all the music that I thought would work just right for this mix, and for the tone of this mix I decided to take a more bittersweet perspective. But, just like the first two, I put this together with love and care, with minimal mixing and just allowing the songs to breathe and live on their own. So I hope you enjoy it…”

Love Break Three – The Heart’s Final Chapter by cosmobaker

Tracklist can be found after the jump.

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Steve K of Krudmart fame hit us about the latest mix in their ongoing mix series. This one comes courtesy of DJ Eleven (from The Rub) and is described as: “It’s a real chill out, almost somber mix for these dark winter days.” We can only say that this is pretty much essential for your mix collection, download and enjoy.

DJ Eleven – Winter Sadness #2 Mix (Sendspace)

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Vancouver dj Matty C just released a little thing called the “Quarter Water EP” together with DJ Ayres of the mighty Rub. Both sides of the EP are full of useful blends and sweet updates of classic house tunes. Here’s a little something to get you to pull out that credit card.

Matty C – Good Life (YSI)

Matty C – Good Life (Sharebee)


DJ Ayres – Get Down (Mediafire)

The sound Matty C tends to feature in his DJ sets is more on that French/Aussie electro-disco-pop tip – so here’s a new mix he did for you all to enjoy!

Matty C – White Light 2.0 mix (direct link)

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May 9 2008

Since I’m out of words on how to write another post about American Boy I’m going to leave it to the promo mail we got:

“Washington, DC figureheads Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom first joined forces in the fall of 2007 for their weekly party “trap”. Every week after some heavy drinking, the two discussed the meaning of life and a few song ideas they had. Their initial tracks caught the attention of Dave “Switch” Taylor who immediately wanted them for his legendary Dubsided imprint. With tunes getting support from the likes of Diplo, A-trak, Tittsworth, The Rub, Craze, Klever, Drop the Lime, and Jokers of the Scene, these dudes look to set the game on fire. Here’s a preview…”

New NADASTROM EP coming soon on Dubsided! Stay tuned for an all new Dubsided website!!

Estelle – American Boy (Nadastrom Remix) (direct link)



P.S. I do love this remix