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You probably know that we love The Teenagers by now and that we posted all official remixes of “Love No” that we could got hold of. This never gets boring so we are sad to hear that this will be the last remixes we will get from The Teenagers in a while.

The Mondkopf remix is my favorite so far and it should keep you busy until they decide what song they will release as the next single.

The Teenagers – Love No (33Hz remix) (direct link)

The Teenagers – Love No (Mondkopf remix) (direct link)


Easter is upon us but we here at Discobelle aren’t really that interested in eating eggs, lamb or candy. Instead, we’ll most likely go out partying. Tonight is the sixth edition of the club night Pastell here in Malmö and they managed to lure Parisian electro producers/dj’s Gentlemen Drivers to chilly Sweden. Together with swedish electropop hope Gentle Touch, they’ll make us dance all night.

Gentlemen Drivers are Michael and Benoit, they’ve done smashing remixes for The Teenagers, Klaxons etc. This track “2042 LA Dreams” (yeah, we know that it’s been around but unfortunately we couldn’t get the new Gentlemen Drivers track since it’s not finished yet) does indeed sound like the electrodance soundtrack to a future Los Angeles, sunstroked yet a bit dark and dystopic.

Gentlemen Drivers – 2042 LA Dreams (YSI)

Gentlemen Drivers – 2042 LA Dreams (zShare)

BONUS: The video for “2042 LA Dreams” + also the new single “Once You Used To” from Gentle Touch.

Gentle Touch – Once You Used To (direct link)