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Parisian production/dj tag team wonder The Town hands us their run down of the best hip hop/club tracks of 2012 in this new mix for Paris La Nuit, that is sure to blast all those Christmas carols away.

BONUS: Their latest edit, French Montana and Trina getting down and dirty ie doing their thing.

Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

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French label ClekClekBoom continues churning out their own weekly podcast series, which showcases showcasing underground club music and also previewing some exclusive material from the label. They’ve now reached the 30th edition and it sees the whole fam ie Bambounou, Coni, French Fries, Jean Nipon, Manere, Ministre X, Piu Piu, The Boo & The Town coming together for one almost two hour long wild ride of a podcast.


Jan 18 2011

DJs cross paths. It’s part of the job. And then there’s us, party people. We come in the club, we listen, look at the DJs taking turns behind the decks, (some of us) dance. We love it. We get drunk (sometimes…pretty much every time). We show up for the headliner or that special favorite turntable wizard. Very often we discover a new one. A DJ that is. Thing is, sometimes we forget who that amazing new artist was. The nightlife is eerie sometimes, what can you do. Don Rimini never forgets. And now he’s making sure we don’t either. Searching, digging, stalking, Don Rimini never misses a (good) beat, whoever is responsible for it. Online or IRL (that means “In Real Life”, you just saved 6 spaces on that next text message), the don has been collecting raw gems by complete strangers…who will probably be superstars by June 2011. These nuggets of pure gold have struck dancefloors of the world, thanx to Big Bad Rimini’s skilled hands and risqué confidence. In other words, when he spins, you dance AND you discover new songs. Call it educational fun. Rare products in the mintest condition (that’s just a cool way to say “great songs”) selected by Don Rimini is the name of the game. 8 steps to perfection according to 3 criterias: be new, be creative, be bangin’. Being a DJ, Donatello Rimini could not NOT share these finds. They had to come out to show the world the newcomers are real hungry, mad talented, ready to break rules, and about to re-define dancefloors from Chicago to Marseille. It took 1 year to gather these 8 tracks by 15 DJs/producers from various countries. It was sometimes hard to keep these highly volatile explosives exclusive, but success prevailed and today you get to discover them in full original unadulterated versions. 100% dancefloor ready. The only prevalent theme is the ENERGY. Musical genres are varied, the energy stays the same, it’s big, it’s healthy, it’s original, it’s positive. Let’s go.

Don Rimini, the french master of electro, has travelled the world numerous times always inducing the clubs with mayhem. Now he presents his very own compilation called “The Perfect Prescription” which collects 8 tracks that he carefully selected for their dancefloor antics. The opening track “Spartanic” comes from Parisian b-more king Kazey (who should well known for those of you that have checked Discobelle in the past), he teams up with former French DMC champion Karve for new project The Town and delivers a trumpetlaced epic track called “Spartanic”.

The Town – Spartanic (ge.tt)

Numbers Paris

Nov 10 2010

The Glaswegians in the Numbers label goes to Paris for a party at Social Club tomorrow night (in collaboration with Brain Magazine) and we get these two bassfilled mixes, the first one comes from Nelson at Numbers and the second one is the first from our old buddy Kazey together with Karve AKA The Town. Enjoy and if you’re in Paris we suggest you join the party.

“This is a selection of stuff i’ve been playing out recently along with a few older tracks that help to inspire what we’re doing with the club and label. Old / new music from Detroit, Truffle Club grind, and one of the maddest booty / jit tracks i’ve heard. Also new sounds from producers like Boddika/Instra:mental, Kavsrave, Joy Orbison made me want to dig out some old electro records. Really enjoyed mixing with those again, they take you on an otherworldly journey like nothing else really. Battle 101, Hofty, and the untitled Lory D track still sound fresh. (Lory’s track is from his 2001 extended EP called ‘9 Tracks 4 A Fine Road-Hog’ – each of the nine tracks are untitled, all are good – let the record play out stuff.. more Lory D coming soon don’t worry!). Anyway these ones used to bring the house down at Jack and Cal’s Seismic parties in Glasgow – Seismic was circa 2002 > 2007 and one of the many precursors to Numbers. Photo sample here – Kazey up in it!! Bitch Ass Darius played one of the closing Seismic parties too, check his mix opus the UK and house tracks include some personal favs from the last year or so, and of course no mix would be complete without a couple of upcoming Numbers releases.”

Nelson – One Night in Paris mix for brain magazine (Nov 2010) by Numbers

The Town [Karve & Kazey] Xclusive Mix for Brain Magazine & Numbers by Karve & Kazey [The Town]