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Vancouver producer U-Tern have provided us with stellar disco tracks for years, now he’s about to release his new EP “Style, Class, Flair” on Big Foot Records (run by our friends in Calgary purveyors of fun Smalltown DJ’s, releasedate is December 5th). The sexy sounding track boasts larger than life drums, deep vocals and it’s bound to set off any dancefloor.

Toronto based producer Nautiluss (of Thunderheist fame and now a member of the Turbo Recordings family) decides to take the OG to town with a deeper, wobbling techno version that jerks its way through a pitched down vocals and wouldn’t sound out of place at an afterparty in the backroom of a dark bar somewhere in the deepest corners of Berlin. (Additional remixes on the single comes from Helsinki maestros Top Billin and L.A house duo Cosmic Kids)

U-Tern – Style, Class, Flair (Nautiluss remix) (ge.tt)

Original supposed to be a vinyl only thing, Nacho Lovers have retroactively decided to share their 2008 remix for Toronto’s now defunct Thunderheist – taking it back to an 808 pad, Chicago house mixed with a bit of booty twerking ghetto house and a vocal cut smooth enough to melt butter on.

Considering this was released over three years ago, it’s a really positive sign to see how well it holds up quality wise now. Download for free from Soundcloud!

Thunderheist – Jerk It (Nacho Lovers ‘Jerk your Body’ remix) by Nacho Lovers

Tor and Leo first met on a class in rhetoric and quickly discovered their similar taste in music, their love for Giorgio Moroder, futuristic trains and machines that goes beep.

When the two, by coincidence, moved in to the same apartment complex, sweet noises emerged, echoing over the hills of Ersta. The project soon came to be known as Boeoes Kaelstigen.

Now they have a new exciting new EP being released as a joint venture on Discobelle Records and Adrian Recordings. With their highly technical house that we all learned to love, they come with this new track that will get you started on the journey we call Boeoes Kaelstigen.

The release also comes packed with some killer remixes. Panton (ED from NROTB) loved the track so much he just had to do two, the Italian midget house pioneer Mowgli comes strong and twist it up Mowgli style and last but not least we have Nautiluss from the now buried Thunderheist adding another dimension to the Boeoes Kaelstigen universe.

Go get the EP on Juno or Boomkat

Boeoes Kaelstigen – Lou (Mowgli remix) (direct link)


Dec 7 2009


Talented Montreal producer/dj Grahmzilla of Thunderheist fame hit us up with some of his recent efforts. Both the Little Boots with it’s contagious synthline and the electro/dancehall flavored Erup remix has been getting plenty of plays here at Discobelle HQ. Here’s some info from Grahm himself:

“After 9 months of insane touring, we’re finally done promoting the Thunderheist album and I have been getting my remixing on. I want to get back to making club friendly tracks and DJ alot more so I’m making it happen.

The Little Boots remix has been in the works for a long time but I just didnt feel like it was finished until recently. The Erup remix having been released a month ago officially…It was never leaked and I have tweaked it a bit.”

Little Boots – Mathematics (Grahmzilla remix) (direct link)

Erup – Click Mi Finga (Grahmzilla remix) (direct link)

Gimmee Gimmee

Dec 5 2009

Gimmee Gimmee EP cover

Calgary party duo Smalltown DJ’s are Discobelle fam and they’ve been making our mouths water with their mixes, remixes, live sets and various other projects. Here they use the Smalltown Romeo project to remix fellow Canadians in dancehall/house/electro/hip hop duo Bonjay and turn the booty shaking single “Gimmee Gimmee” into more of dubbed up discofied experience that still will make you wanna get down. Other remixes in the single package comes from Bonjay themselves along with Montreal bass monster Poirier and Grahmzilla of Thunderheist fame.

Bonjay – Gimmee Gimmee (Smalltown Romeo remix) (YSI)

Bonjay – Gimmee Gimmee (Smalltown Romeo remix) (zShare)


Nightshifters continues with their heavy bass induced world takeover, their next release comes from two of NYCs finest dj’s/producers, namely Udachi and Jubilee who gives us the “Paypur EP”.

“We’re proud to present our next EP, this time a collaborative effort between two of New York’s Hottest DJ/producers Udachi and Jubilee! A beast of a release, Paypur features two incredible original tracks by the duo and five stunning remixes. AC Slater states “This could easily be the biggest release of 2009. I’ve been playing this in every one of my DJ sets for the past 6 months.” Garnering support from the likes of Tommie Sunshine, Fake Blood, DJ Craze, and Klever, and BBC Radio 1 Airplay on Kissy Sellouts show, it has breakthrough potential! “Paypur” begins on a mellow old school tip with an 808 bounce that builds into an oscillating frenzy of a drop. The track follows an imaginary clubber on his first night out, he thinks he has the swag, but the push and pull of the track shows the subtle comedy of someone succumbing to too much “fun”, then regresses from the perfect bliss of mixed substances before hurling it up with a psychedelic whine of chest thumping bass.

“Smoke Rings” includes Jubilee on vocals crooning over a dub-reggae breakdown about aliens stealing her weed. The best slices in like a rip in the space-time continuum sending Jess on a chase to get the weed back. If you want to know how the story ends, the crooner gets her weed back and parties with the aliens back on Planet Rad! A happy ending indeed…

While the two original tracks are simply amazing, the remixes are equally incredible. Nick Catchdubs enlists hot-as-fuck lyricist Kid Daytona to re-construct Paypur into a screwed dirty south styled jam filled with swagger and ready for radio airplay. Venezuela’s Cardopusher pushes the bass to the maxx with his mosh-pit-dubstep remix of the same tune, while Thunderheist’s Grahmzilla flips the vibe into an expansive techno affair ready for your next sunrise session. Breakbeat hardcore legend Luna-C turns “Smoke Rings” into a dub-bass rave anthem of the next level akin to ‘SL2 on a ragga tip’. And while a rave vibe can also be felt in Dre Skull’s incredible remix, he pushes up the Funky snares and adds a sinister breakdown that’s sure to get shirts flung off the dance floor.”

Udachi & Jubilee – Paypur (direct link)

BONUS: Nick Catchdubs just sent over his remix with Kid Daytona.

Udachi & Jubilee – Paypur (Nick Catchdubs remix (zip file with main + clean version, Sendspace)

Video for “Smoke Rings”.