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This week we travel to Berlin for our Mixin’ It Up. There, in the land of techno and lovers reggae, we found one man that stands out and mixes the the fun from Jamaica with the electro sound of today. So when Tim Turbo isn’t out playing us on his own blog Cyan Wait, he sat down to make us this mix.

If you are in Stockholm today you can catch him on Club Pom Pom (at Berns) with Jamtech Foundation and the boys in Pom Pom. It’s going to be massive!

“This mix is basically what I listen to the whole day and what I play the whole night. Stuff thats affected by the Caribbean or tunes from the Caribbean, affected by European productions. Genres are overrated. Bass is duty. Jamaica is the fastest country alife. Kraftwerk is the genesis. Automatic doors make me feel like Jedi. And he is a good looking boy, by the way.

01 M.I.A. – Bucky Done Gun (Good Looking Boy Remix)

A exclusive remix by a friend of mine, called Good Looking Boy. He is a young, upcoming producer from Berlin, with love for 808 drums and straight in your face miamibass-like electro beats. Expect to hear way more on him soon on the relevant and worthwhile blogosphere and on myspace.com/goodlookingboyberlin. And he is good looking, by the way.

02 Raymond Bell – Jump In Line (Shake Shake Senora) (John Bourke Bmore Mix)

Caribbean flavoured Bmore. Thats that shit. For Me.

03 Baby Ft Clipse – What Happened To That Boy (DJ Amphibous Remix)

DJ Amphibous takes a classic, near perfect Neptunes produced übertrack., chops away most of the vocals, adds a killer bassline along with some extra boom to make this into something snowy fresh. Unfuckable.

04 Maskinen – Alla Som Inte Dansar

Everyone that doesn’t dance are rapists! Word!

05 Jamtech Foundation Ft Busy Signal – Pounds Of Dro

Jamtech Foundation from Sweden foisted a ravy dancetrumental on Busy Signal and up jumps the boogie. Large!

06 Machines Don’t Care – On A Roll Man

07 Rodion – Electric Soca (Crookers Remix)

I searched for some real Soca stuff and found this one and I was like: „electric“?, „soca“?, Yeah!
Needless to say that my favourite raggazzi are totally unfuckable anyway.

08 Jamtech Foundation – Bring In The Tune

Jamtech Foundation is here to stay. This tune is more atmo-techno-style then the other legendary monsters, but Cali P on the hook turns the tables in a 90s Dancehall way.

09 Cansei De Ser Sexy Ft Mapei – Music Is My Hot Hot Sex (Switch Remix)

I want to be like Switch. And I really looking forward to his Electro-Dancehall project with Diplo.

10 Young MC – Bust A Move (Don Rimini Ravekid Remix)

Young MC is oldschool. Don Rimini is oldschool 2.0

11 Maskinen – Segertaget (Dada Life Remix)

12 Juice String – Sex Weed (Laidback Luke Remix)

Zulu House. Zulu is banging on drums. Zulu is congas and cowbells. Zulu is a relentless kick drum. Zulu is rhythm. Zulu is jacking til you sweat. Zulu is old and new. Zulu is Get Rude. Zulu is a feeling. Zulu is that low down wobble you sometimes feel. Zulu is a familiar feeling. Zulu is fresh. Zulu is bass. Zulu is bigger than you and its totally okay to feel a little intimidated right now.”

13 Bart B More – Make Some Noise

14 Cowgum – Druggggssszzz (Edu K, Dr. Gonzo Remix Ft Wannabeastar)

Edu K deranges the already disturbing track by Cowgum. He is a Baile Funk divinity.

15 Da Hool – Love Parade (Van Miert Remix)

16 Sharkslayer – BadDing

100% bona fined facemelt 2008 realness here. Rib crushing bass, Ding Dong vocal samples (!!!) and production skills that can give the best a run for their money.

17 Teddybears – Cobrastyle (Diplo Remix)

I saw Diplo here in Berlin this year together with Tobias, my kinder garments sponsor of seen. (check: blog.seen-site.com and shop.seen-site.com) and it was pure enlightenment for me and him. Diplo is king.

18 Edu K Ft Madame Mim – Headbanger

19 Miss Odd Kidd – Sperm Donnor (Plimsouls Remix)

20 Dizzee Rascal – Pussyole (DJ Beware Remix)

Baile Funk captain DJ Beware gives this actual Bmorish tune a great new style. Ehm, Dizzee is unfuckable, too.

21 Bonde Do Role – Contaminada (Boss In Drama Remix)

Guess what? Bonde Do Role are Unfuckable.

22 DJ Sandrinho – Base Box Base Chao Base Beatbox Plus Tamborzao

Off Man Records terrific Rio Baile Funk Breaks, DJ tolls you can play like real tunes.. Wow.

23 DJ Sandrinho – Never B Alone Remix

I know ist played out. I don’t care.

24 Jamtech Foundation Ft Mr Vegas – Hot FuckR

25 Tony D. – Der Mann mit dem Klang (Flashgordon RMX)

The selftitled only german Crunk rapper and „Damager“, Tony D. gets a new electro base from Flashgordon and rolls down South Berlin. Windows down, elbows out.

26 Buraka Som Sistema – Yah

27 Tim Turbo X Tobias Lützenkirchen – Drei Tage Baile Funk (Tim Turbo Rebirth)

My remix of THE german afterhour techno tune of the summer. Got help by Rio Baile Funk Breaks, thanks Daniel.

28 Low Budget – They Call It Murder (Jamrock B-More Club Remix)

I like Bmore because its pure rhythm. Junior Gong’s übertune is pure bassline. What a couple

29 N.E.R.D. – Everyone Nose (Douster Remix)

30 South Rakkas Crew – South Rakkas Crew – Mad Again (Boy 8-Bit RMX)

South Rakks Crew gave a great impulse for the whole Electro meets Dancehall meets Whatever issue. Wich is my issue. So I have to play them.

31 Delinquent – Chalance Man

32 Detboi Ft Serocee – Jump Up And Down

33 Jamtech Foundation – Rumble Jumble Life

34 Abbey Kat – Naughty (Marflix Bassline Mix)

Marflix is the number one German Soca producer. He did this remix for the caribbean singer Abbey Kat. But its not what the caribbeans think of when they order a remix. Anyway, it’s exclusive.”

Download: Tim Turbo – Mixin it up for Discobelle (Sharebee)