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NYC based production duo Gatekeeper follow up their “Exo” album release with the unveiling of a pair of free to download remixes of recent single “Tree Drum” from LA Fade To Mind labelmate Total Freedom and UNO NYC signee Gobby. They both churn out remixes with a basis on demented and tweaked beats, albeit the end results differ.

Describing your party as “agressive, over-educated, banjee cvnt, urban underground pop music, queer global bass” is maybe the best possible combination of words that language can offer.

And the latest mix from Chub Rub resident DJs D’HANA and Rizzla doesn’t disappoint – it’s a jaw dropping onslaught of vogue snippets and global bass music, with everything from an exclusive re-edit of Girl Unit’s “Wut”, to a Moombahton edit of Guido’s “Mad Sax” to a whole bunch of material from Total Freedom, Kingdom and more. Serious vibes.

Nu Life Mix – Jan ’11 by rizzla_dj

Tracklisting after the jump, it’s big:

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If haven’t heard about Ashland aka Total Freedom and the Los Angeles tuesday hangout Wildness then you’ve been sleeping. Like a missionary of bass he blends in effortless with NYC hipsters, LA coolcats, London grimeslugs, and Mexican ravers. I’ve heard big name DJs like Paul Devro and Bok Bok say that Total Freedom is the no1 selecta in America! If that’s not enough for you I don’t know what. Here is on of TFs party edits where he takes an Ize & DJ Miki track and adds a pinch of vocals from the track “Desire” by Nu Colours. Enjoy!

DJ Miki – Desire On (Total Freedom edit) (YSI)

DJ Miki – Desire On (Total Freedom edit) (Sharebee)

BONUS: A mixtape made last year for Kingdoms B-day Party. Yes it’s old now but if you somehow missed it make sure to check it out. It def. still rocks!

Total Freedom & Nguzunguzu, “Wildness (Club Vortex Mixtape) (Mediafire)