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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs aka T.E.E.D. aka Orlando Higginbottom is one of the most talented producers out right now and has recently dropped his latest single, “Tapes & Money.” A heavy bassline and intricate synth work create a luscious soundscape. Melancholy vocals stand in contrast to the track’s fast tempo but somehow T.E.E.D. manages to create perfect harmony between the two. The verse transitions so easily into the chorus that you hardly realize it’s happened. This track doesn’t have a standout hook but doesn’t really need one since the entire thing is one beautiful melody.

“Tapes & Money” is officially out on April 2nd.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ latest single package is like some kind of unbelievably bountiful mango tree that just keeps giving and giving for free, asking nothing in return but your enjoyment. It was just a few days ago that we had the Joe Goddard, Donaeo and Hackman remixes to share with you – all unique re-envisionings of the track that alternate between ramping up the energy to workout levels and re-envisioning it as a slow-house love jam.

Now, as an extra unexpected bonus,Soul Clap plays it somewhere comfortably in between those two extremes and lays down a beautifully arranged mix which keeps the vocal chops intact but adds tons. 808 pings, handclaps and bongo drums and subdued cowbells chiming in at the right moments make it some of their warmest, accessible and most atmospheric production to date. There’s a serious feel good listening experience on this one, and it opens all kinds of possibilities about what sounds the Clap will be employing on their forthcoming LP – more of this, please!

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden (Soul Clap Remix) (Sendspace)

This stunning batch of remixes for Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ latest single “Garden”, (which actually got the re-rub treatment back on Play It Down almost a year ago now) brings together two big names who put a unique touch on things.

Donaeo drags the track through a metal processing plant on the edge of town, running a buzzsaw in between the vocals and dropping a big UK Funky bassline that jars the original’s placated duet.

Hackman goes the opposite route, and provides a subdued mix of the original track that rolls along on some atmospheric bleeps & twinkling, letting the vocals breathe and take control of the ambience of the track, especially when they’re twisted into a foreign mantra completely different from the original halfway through.

Finally, Joe Goddard is still riding high on the same magic dust that spawned the recent “Gabriel” track on Greco Roman, with a remix that throws on some wobbly synth actions that leave the vocals largely untouched but bend and warp the original melody like a piece of vinyl that’s been locked in a sauna overnight and then played out the next morning. Fortunately, it sounds much better than actually doing that in real life would.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinsoaurs – Garden (Joe Goddard Remix) (Sendspace)

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden (Hackman Remix) (Sendspace)

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden (Donaeo Remix) (Sendspace)

Garden remixes drop on Oct. 16th on Greco-Roman.