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OMG Truants, you just took things up a notch. Today is a day for the kind of confetti throwing, party hat wearing, setting off fireworks kind of celebration that only the release of a new, free compilation of amazing music by the hardworking folks at Truants Blog can bring about.

Truancy Compilation One is comprised of fourteen tracks from artists who influential artists spanning every genre imaginable, with sounds oscillating between summertime snyth party and acid tinged mini-house. Featuring mind altering tunes from NGUZUNGUZU, Teeth, Femme En Fourrure, Grown Folk, LOL Boys, Teki Latex, Mele, Brenmar, Glass Actor, Square Mode and many more, it’s the most abundant gift that the internet has revealed to us in quite a while.

Whether the bleepy chanting “jewelery, chrome and stones” chorus of Grown Folk’s “Steady Moving” is your thing, or the tweaked tribute to micro scenes that Teki Latex choruses over tambourines and summery handclaps, there’s something in this package for everybody. NGUZUNGUZU also weaves an effortlessly trippy jam that’s sure to be stuck on repeat, while Teeth packs a ton of bongos and grime into just five minutes.

Truancy Compilation One (via Truants Blog)

While this compilation is free, Truants also mention that if you’d like to make a donation, all proceeds will be forwarded to the Libya & Region Appeal and will be transferred on April 30th and May 31th.

Tracklist for the gigantic compilation after the jump. Long live Truancy!

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