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Montreal dance music star Tiga returns to the dancefloor and to Turbo Recordings with new single “Eye Luv U” (co-produced by Quinn of Paranoid London) which is his first new material since last years “Blondes Have More Fun” release.

“Eye Luv U” will be the first of a series of releases from Tiga on Turbo in 2017, including a fresh collaboration with Audion aka Matthew Dear.

“The title came to me while I was playing a pyramid that had been converted into a multi-purpose event space,” says the Canadian DJ/Producer. “The hieroglyphics over what is now the coat check made me imagine a world in which pictures could mean words and words could mean anything. The thing about wordplay is that it’s fascinating to conceive of different realities informed by different systems of meaning, and how each reality would invariably bend to vault me to the pinnacle of all possible worlds. It’s humbling, really.”

We here at Discobelle have been following Tiga’s career closely since we started 10 years ago and we’re super pleased to be able to premiere the remix from German producer/dj Butch who wins us over with his amazing “80s Warehouse Acid Remix”, that title pretty much gives away exactly what you’ll hear with hypnotic squelchy pads and bleeps.

Finnish architects turned techno aficionados Renaissance Man churns out some abstract club music on their upcoming single “Call2Call” on Turbo Recordings (released on January 28th), the single is based around a telephonic theme. This is dark and gritty, just the way we like our club music.

“We wanted to take our music back to the club after the less clubby album. And we wanted to craft something dirty and bleepy and not 4/4 to counteract the safe cleanliness and straightness of a lot of dance music right now”