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When it comes to curatorial knowhow, we’re pleased to turn the reins over to the ultra-knowledgable deep digging manager of the Crookers clan, DJ Neoteric every now and then for one of our “Turned On” compilations. Volume 1 brought together original productions from Crookers, Brodinski, Radioclit, Nadastrom, Mikix The Cat, Schlachthofbronx, Savage Skulls and many more.

We’re now happy to share another cut from the latest edition of the series, and Astronomar‘s contribution to Turned On: Volume 2 takes the cake for sheer ballsiness on the dancefloor – piercing tea kettle steamed vocals rides overtop a jittery beat, infectious hiccuping house music, employing a vocal sample that sounds like it’s taken from a schoolyard chant or ancient curse that will stay locked in the inner regions of your eardrums for months to come.

Crookers recently showed their appreciation for the tune by featuring it in their Beatport charts, and you can also check out a promo mix from Bird Peterson, Neoteric, Mom & Dad + Astronomar here.

Don’t sleep on this release and see what you’ve been missing by grabbing it below!

Beatport link is here
Or iTunes, if you’re classy

Feel free to blog, share, play it, pass it on, etc. etc. ad infinitum!

Astronomar – Had To Move On (Original Mix) (Mediafire)

Bonus: Another cut from the EP, a scrubbed down infectious space-house anthem from Mom & Dad.

Mom & Dad – This Joint (Original Mix) (direct link)