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Besides being one of the brains behind Stockholm based booking agency Esperanto Music, Nadja Chatti happens to be one of the highest regarded selectors within the Swedish dance music scenes.

We at Discobelle can premiere her fantastic sounding and exclusive podcast/mix (her first in almost 4 years, the mix was recorded during Esperantos label night at Stockholm club Under Bron earlier this year) for the Under Bron podcast series.

We were also able to briefly chat with Nadja:

Hi Nadja, first off can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a half-Finnish, half-Tunisian social genius who was born into this world to make it a better place to live. I love being around people and try to work it as much as I simply can. Besides that I’m currently employed at Universal Music Publishing where I work with synchronization, which means we’re placing music in the world of films, TV-series, documentaries and advertisement.

– You co-founded the agency Esperanto Music, could you indulge us on the background story of the agency?

We needed a union-like head quarter for young local talents to help them become better DJ’s and musicians without having to force them to hustle their way into the business. Me and Johanna (Schneider) are their helping hands, we provide guidance with the industry.

No but seriously, we basically help them with everything from invoices and contracts to gigs and pep talks.

One thing that Kornél Kovács taught me was to always demand a decent salary. Partly because of your own personal value, but also because the industry needs to wake up and realize that DJ’ing is an occupation and people do deserve to get paid. As a DJ you tend to give so much of yourself to the people in the room, and most of the times you get out from there totally exhausted. Happy, but exhausted. It’s tough.

– We know that this is your first mix in 3-4 years, how come you had a hiatus from doing mixes, just busy with other projects or a conscious decision?

I really don’t like to be in the center of attention. I prefer posting and sharing music from other artists and DJ’s. Recording a mix helps me to promote myself and the music that I love so much. It’s a part of my soul. But I prefer working with music from ”behind the scenes” or live in a room with a nice atmosphere.

– Please tell us a little about the mix?

I started to dig after those gems that’s been with me the past year but it ended up very spontaneous and basically follows the dance floor from where this was recorded. Live from Under Bron in Stockholm where I played before Bella Sarris and Per Hammar.

– Future plans?

My plan is to continue being a DJ as long as people want me here. I’ll probably never fight for it more than necessary. Meanwhile, I will always try to contribute to make Stockholm a better city – both in the music context and outside of it.

Into The Valley is just a few days away and Stockholm based producer/dj Yourhighness (1/2 of Rollerboys) gets us ready with a mix of discoish awesomeness.

“The mix was recorded at UB one of those afternoons. It’s meant to be played in the galley of an old ship, when sunday turns into monday, and the last time you slept was days ago!!!!!!”

Mirja Larsson is a Stockholm based dj that’s part of the Esperanto Agency crew, she’ll be playing at the into The Valley festival later this month and she offers up the latest in a line of mixes that we here at Discobelle are presenting together with Into The Valley.

This teched out live mix from a recent gig at Under Bron in Stockholm is focused on steady grooves and a pulsating rhythm which makes for a perfect companion during the weeks leading up to the festival.

“A collection of some of my current favorite tracks, recorded on a sweaty afternoon at Under Bron (s/o to hospitable friends!). I hope that it can serve as a warm-up to the great adventure that takes place in Dalhalla very soon”.

Our collaboration with the Into The Valley festival continues, this time we can present a mix from Stockholm based dj Clea Herlöfsson. With her on-point selection of tunes, she has continuously brightened up Stockholm clubs such as Under Bron, Marie Laveau, Berns and Gothenburg’s Yaki-Da.

This exclusive mix sort of has an ambivalence to it. ”I was in a melancholic mood when I made it because the sky was so grey, and you might hear that in the beginning. Then the mix turns blatant, but in a good way”, Clea describes. The intense and sharp sounds are suitable for both a warehouse rave, as well as a sunrise view from a grassy knoll. One thing’s for sure, it never gets boring! Enjoy!