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Teched out Copenhagen electronica trio AV AV AV (consisting of producers/dj’s Unkwon, ELOQ and DJERDUDUMELLERHVAD) from Copenhagen release their debut album “No Statues today. The trio has been working together since 2015 and their previous efforts have seen support from the likes of Complex, Wonderland, Clash, The Line Of Best Fit and more. In order to celebrate the album release, they’ve also announced a live collaboration with the Copenhagen Symphony Orchestra in January.

“We have reached a point where it is no longer just for the fun of it. Our voice has grown over the last few years and we believe that if you have a voice you must use it. With this album, we feel that we have an opportunity to comment on the world around us”

The opening track of the album is the superbly pulsating synth laced single track “A Number Of Things” that also features the vocal offerings of Danish artist Troels Abrahamsen.

Hamburg based imprint Hafendisko recently released their “Nummer Eins EP” serving as the perfect prelude to the 15 track “Nummer Eins LP”, the release features the best tracks from their past, present and future releases.

The EP comes packed with an exclusive track from Copenhagen dark house maestro Unknown along with tracks from Kasper Björke, Snacks and Deo & Z-Man.

We here at Discobelle have teamed up with Hafendisko for a competition where you can win a vinyl copy of the EP along with a Hafendisko t-shirt.

Just answer this simple question: When was Hafendisko launched? E-mail us your answer and your name before April 15th.


Copenhagen producer/dj Unkwon AKA Anders Dixen is already well established as a highly regarded producer (with several top notch remixes under his belt along with his own spectacular original tracks) and dj with his unique formula of bassdriven, slo-mo, synthfilled and futuristic sounding r’n’b/house.

His exclusive mix for us here at Discobelle further embodies that sound when it starts off dark and moody, almost angst ridden sound of beats, invigorating synths and basically straight up vibes before finishing off with a somewhat more disco sounding mode.

Copenhagen based producer Anders Dixen is perhaps better known under his alias Unkwon.

New track “I Got U” starts off as a sparse affair with a melancholic vibe that almost only contains the repeated vocal sample “Baby, I got U” but transforms after 1:30 minutes with a shuffling beat and tinlike drum work before the track ends with a desolate piano.