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Stockholm production tag team Up To No Good made one of the most heartfelt club tracks of 2013 with “I’ll Be Gone”. New track “Forevermore” is on some slo-mo, icy synthfilled future club/r’n’b tip.


Stockholm tag team production wizards Up To No Good drops new track “Because Of You”. The track starts off with a slow building intro before introducing yearning vocals, a stuttering bass that kicks in along with a tender synth, what sounds like razor sharp guitars and some deep vibes. This is one for the slow club jams crate.


Stockholm duo Up To No Good presents us with their latest doozy just in time for summer. Restrained, steel drum sounds are sprinkled like the cherry blossom flowers from the cover throughout the track and the pretty vocal sample makes this a fine tune that we imagine should be played as the finale to your nights out for many months to come.