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Anna Makeeva is a Moscow based singer/songwriter and a producer, her previous releases have been featured in several prestigious Russian music publications such as Rodnoj Zvuk, Motherland, SILKMILK and Wonderzine etc. She’s also performed at Moscow Music Week, Sofar Sounds, Red Bull Music Festival, and participated in the feminist music camp Parallel Residency.

Anna is just about to release her new EP “Missing Piece” tomorrow February 20th, the EP marks her third collaboration with Moscow house producer Baltimore Chop and it’s centered around a theme of celebrating mutual love and joy. The sound on the EP is one of grooved-out beats with influences from UK garage, smooth electronica and sultry sounding r’n’b, while at the forefront we get light, soulful vocals that hypnotically draws you into an ethereal mood.

We here at Discobelle are super excited to be able to premiere the ultra-smooth electronica based title track “Missing Piece”!

Kenichi & The Sun alias Katrin Hahner is preparing to release her bewitching new album White Fire” on April 3rd, as a prelude we get new single “Splendour”.

The upcoming album showcases Katrin’s unique ability to create immersive and haunting soundscapes with a dreamlike fee and her rich vocals rides over flourishing percussion and swirling synths, creating a sound akin to the likes of Björk, Fever Ray and The Knife.

“The video & song depict the devotion, love, sacredness and struggle between human beings and the forces that either drive us apart or towards each other. It´s a look inside a person’s soul; profanity and sacredness, chaos and harmony, success and failure, human and divine, feminine and masculine. After all, it´s all one.”