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When Saints Go Machine have probably never been accused of sounding like someone else. Or if they have, that “someone else” was probably an ethereal choir made up of Arthur Russel reincarnated as a thousand teenagers in the suburbs teenagers. All this is to say that the new single “Parix” is weird, and good, and has a weird, good video to match. Lots of beautiful young people look at things and feel bored, or maybe nihilistic, or maybe pregnant. It’s tough to tell. One of them does some drugs that I’ve never seen before on a car ride. What is that?

Regardless, much like the rest of their album it’s very beautiful haunting stuff with some pop sensibility wedged in the middle. Grab it on iTunes or Rough Trade.

Bonus points if you pick out the brilliant “Face Off” tee with John Travolta’s name and Nicolas Cage’s image, a meme started by the hugely deserving-of-your-money African Apparel company.