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Will Smith has a new movie out called “Focus” with Margot Robbie but remember when Will Smith used to make music? Well here’s a blast from the past courtesy of Canadian duo Pineo & Loeb of Will Smith’s 1997 single “Men In Black.” Here the original gets broken down and put back together with Patrice Rushens “Forget Me Nots” from 1982 and is reborn into a 2015 extraterrestrial funkadelic house experience.

Old meets new in this edit Brooklyn’s French Horn Rebellion did a few weeks ago that seamlessly ties together a soulful jazz track by MFSB (composers of the Soul Train theme song) and Will Smith’s “Getting’ Jiggy Wit It.” Just imagine the Fresh Prince in a blue seersucker suit performing at the Apollo Theater with a full band. Yes that. It’s smooth and sexy on another level.