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Apr 29 2013

franskild is a dj/production duo that consists of two Swedes currently living in Copenhagen that are also part of Middle Eastern Heavy Bass trio Compadre. The influences for franskild ranges from “the blissful sounds and magnificence of the early eighties house music, 90’s french touch, mid-00’s jackin house and contemporary UK-garage”.

Last friday the duo released their debut EP “Majestic Mountains” on Australian label Sweat It Out and the EP has already garnered attention from among others Etienne De Crécy, Ben Mono, Nick Catchdubs, Horse Meat Disco, AutoKratz, Aston Shuffle and Peking Duk.

Below you’ll find all the tracks off the EP along with a promo mix (that includes the track “SF94” from Discobelle Records family Wool) done to showcase the dreamlike, melancholy and epic house sound of this up and coming duo.

Wool is doing it big in this video were he is performing “Rock Opera” (Discobelle Records) and “Purple Ohm” (Plant Music) live.

Stay tuned for us giving away a track from his “Rock Opera EP” later this week. If you can’t wait and want to support us and Wool go get it on Beatport.

“This video is not about criticizing the use of computers in music. It’s more about getting away from the creative headspace that computers confine me to. It’s about making unique choices, expressing and surprising myself musically. Mistakes are made and there’s always room for happy accidents. I’ve got all the computers and software I’ll ever need to make music but I find myself spending less and less time making music with that set up. Without realizing it sometimes when I interact with tactile machines performance becomes the motivation and having fun becomes the primary task.”

Glen Brady AKA Wool is out today with his latest release titled “Rock Opera”. This is the California-based producer’s best work yet and reiterates why he’s become synonymous with acid house.

The first track “Illuminate” is a deep house track with a steady throbbing beat with synth sounds from outerspace.

On first listen to “Rock Opera,” it’s immediately evident where the name comes from. Soprano operatic vocals arpeggiate up and down over fat basslines come together perfectly to remind us that yes, you can mix genres and yes it can sound fantastic.

“Birth Control” starts with a diminutive smooth as butter beat assisted by the sound of hi-hats and vibrating synths that whisper softly in your ear. This is the track you want to get lost in to the early hours of the morning.

Leading the pack of remixes is Delect’s interpretation of “Illuminate.” It comes in with whirring synths that crescendo into telephonic sounds that will send you careening down a dizzying spiral.

Next up are three remixes of “Rock Opera” by Reilly Steel, Wax Romeo, and Boyfriend. Reilly Steel taps into raw industrial noises and phone dials. A big bass line and eerie pulsating synths will be sure to get your heart rate pumping. At points it sounds like lasers bouncing off a funhouse of mirrors, flashing disorienting light keeping you the psychedelic trip the track started you off on. Wax Romeo takes a more rhythmic, rock-inspired approach with his remix that comes at you full force.The operatic vocal samples come to the forefront and are sped up, accompanied by growling synths. Finally, Boyfriend’s remix is one R&B and hip hop lovers will gravitate towards. Nasty is the only way to describe this track with the BPM turned all the way down to 78.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/2659174″ params=”” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

All Dom Wrong is the alias of Plant Music founder Dominique Keegan, Dominique used to be the front man for NYC duo The Glass (together with Wool).

This mix was made exclusively for premier Danish headphone company Aiaiai and it bumps and grinds through a few choice tracks and a bunch of upcoming Plant exclusives such as Ben Mono’s “The Feel” (Bit Funk remix) and Dom’s first solo release featuring the vocal offerings of Amy Douglas in a Kasper Björke remix.

Tracklist after the jump.

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Originally from Dublin, formerly based in Berlin but now relocated to San Francisco, the very talented producer/dj Wool (AKA Glen Brady) has returned to NYC label Plant Music with a three track EP of superb acid house tracks entitled “Purple Ohm” (released today).

Wool made all three cuts in his Northern Californian studio using modular synths, a Roland 202 and other outboard gear that did NOT include a computer and the three perfectly crafted tracks are all filled with rippling acid synthlines and sleek bass sounds.

PS. Be on the lookout for his “Rock Opera EP” coming October 15th on Discobelle Records.

Hot on the heels of the “Invader EP” from dark techno afficianados Disco of Doom, Discobelle Records is proud to pull you back into the fray with the “Shake and Bake” EP – focused, powerful dancefloor tools to move crowds and simultaneously explore some pretty dark crevasses on the dancefloor.

The title track “Shake And Bake” scales you up to some paranoid heights with its jagged, bumpy rise and fall pattern. You know the producers are doing something right when the kickdrum rolling in out of nowhere to accompany the track is sounding ominously like the sound of a tightening noose. Can’t emphasize enough how addictive it is when everything climaxes in a flurry of hazy synths and percussion, only to go plummeting back to the molten hot bassline.

Astronomar’s remix of “Shake And Bake” dares to up the ante a bit more with military rigidity, like a wartime drum propelling the beasts of Hell towards the nearest nightclub.

“The 808” throws some iron-filtered vocoder chants over raw drum patterns, a punchy syncopated bassline and mind-melting synth stabs. Reminiscent of something that might be in Thomas Bangalter’s record bag that time he DJed in the 90s with no Daft Punk costume on, it condenses a helluva lot into an anthemic five minutes.

While the beginning few seconds sound like an orgy run through an 8-bit vocoder, Chicago Trouble & Bass member Willy Joy’s remix of “The 808” sounds like it’s always just milliseconds away from melting your hard drive. Full of ravey stabs to rival the biggest of big room tunes, it has a drop so bafflingly big that even Skrillex might describe as “overkill”.

Discobelle Records alumni Wool chills things out a bit with a smooth rolling house beat and a little bit of churning organ split up by howling wolf cry and disembodied voices mumbling “dance to this”. As if it wasn’t immediately obvious that dancing is what you should be doing.

The 3rd original production on the EP “Conkers” stirs things up into a slow building frothy tension, accompanied by a hauntingly addictive cowbell line and a bassline so thick you’d need a steak knife to even puncture it. Perfect percolating dance music to work yourself into a frenzy over.

Mike Mago takes the eerie vocal line weaving its way through “Conkers” and harnesses it to maximum effect throughout the track, building up a tapestry of cloudy drugged up synths around it only to break everything down for a lone steel drum echoing in the mist before bringing things back into rave mode, within which a dragon emerges from the fog and bites your head off.

Support from Style Of Eye, Mixhell, Round Table Knights, Nick Catchdubs, Armand Van Helden, NT89, Adam Port, Zombie Disco Squad, Tittsworth, Hostage, Mikix The Cat, Mason, Larry Tee, Neoteric, Botnek, Swick, Meati & Meech, Mustard Pimp, Act Yo Age, Aquasky etc.

Grab “The 808” as a free download and listen to the EP below, then proceed to Juno or Beatport to buy the whole EP:

BONUS: The Disco Of Doom boys made this smashing mix to go along with the release, blast it!

Our extended family in Finnish crew Top Billin are doing a compilation (that features Club Cheval, Top Billin, Spoek Mathambo, Wool, Lars Moston, Ben Mono etc.) as a fundraiser for those affected by the catastrophe in Japan. Please read below and then buy the compilation, every donation helps.

“OK, you’ve already been to few dance events to raise money Japan and have most likely donated money already, but read this and get your dose of new music while getting a change to help for a small amount (1€ even). Things move quickly in today’s world but the need for help isn’t going away in a couple of weeks. We want to do our part too. So here’s what’s up:

A while a go we had an opportunity to design a compilation exclusively for the Japanese market, that was supposed to come out in April this year. The idea was to make a compilation that would reflect us in 2011, including bits from our back catalogue as well as some unreleased exclusive gems. Our friend Nakura from Tokyo was doing his job as the project manager for this and his friend and our buddy, a DJ and producer named Eccy (awesome music btw) was also taking part in this project. But as we all know Japan was hit with the most horrific disaster in their history, tearing down almost the whole country, leaving thousands dead and even more injured, homeless or without even food. We sat in studio, watching the devastation on TV and wondered what could we do, we have friends there. On that very moment it was clear that we should use this compilation that was designed for Japan, to help Japan.

So now we’re giving it for you in exchange of small (or bigger, your choice) donation that will go directly to Red Cross Japan. We won’t take a penny, 100% goes directly to help the people in need in Japan. Why the Red Cross? Because with them you know money will go to those really in need. If Japan has enough money, then they will help people in Libya, so your money is never lost. We read somewhere some bitter man’s comment that he won’t donate to Japan as their GDP (gross domestic product) is 33.100$ per person, that Japan does not need money. That’s bullshit, the devastation is so big, it will take Japan years to recover. So join us, buy this compilation for as low as 1€ if you’re really broke, or if you got a paying job, maybe pay a bit more. You get dope tunes in exchange. We respect you for your willingness to help. Thank you, arigatou gozaimasu, kiitos.

Big thanks to all the artists involved and Nakura, Eccy, stay strong!”

Tracklist for the compilation + details on how to contribute in other ways can be found after the jump.

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