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A while back we posted the pretty amazing Windsurf remix of The Tough Alliance track “Neo Violence” (the remix single is released on Modular Records). Today, we’re able to bring you remix done by Shazam who is an up and coming producer hailing from Perth, Australia. He hands us a filtered French house remix that takes The Tough Alliance to the club.

The Tough Alliance – Neo Violence (Shazam remix) (direct link)

BONUS: The Shazam produced X & Hell track “My Fkn Hat”.

X & Hell – My Fkn Hat (produced by Shazam) (zShare)


We posted up the video about a month ago and now we got the actual mp3 of party track “Don’t Stop Movin” from Melbourne duo X & Hell. Perfect drop just in time for the weekend.

X & Hell – Don’t Stop Movin (zShare)

BONUS: A banging remix done by Dublin Aunts + a bassline mix.

X & Hell – Don’t Stop Movin (Dublin Aunts remix) (Sharebee)

X & Hell – Don’t Stop Movin (Winning bassline remix) (Sharebee)