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Norwegian pop artist Gundelach dropped his critically acclaimed debut EP last year (the EP was nominated in the best pop album category at the Norwegian Grammys and has seen serious radio play in Germany and the UK along with high streaming numbers) and he’s had a strong run this summer gaining momentum with new single tracks such as “Garden” and most recently the dark pop of “Holy Water,” which Pigeons and Planes described as “hauntingly beautiful”.

We here at Discobelle can now offer up the astounding remix for the single “Garden” by well renowned Swedish artist and producer Dan Lissvik (who is perhaps best known for his previous work with balearic disco/pop outfit Studio along with production and remix projects for the likes of Young Galaxy, Taken By Trees, HAIM, Foals, and Kylie Minogue). Dan Lissvik takes the discoish sound of the original version and adds on a warm electronic sprinkle making this a blissful track for all those late summer nights.

Gundelach is currently working on his debut LP but catch him live at the following upcoming dates:

Fri, Aug 18 // Bornholm, Denmark @ Wonderfestiwall
Wed, Sept 20 // Oslo, Norway @ Parkteatret
Fri, Sept 22 // Gothenburg, Sweden @ HokiMoki

German mystery producer Claptone have been stealthing in the shadows for the past two years with an veritable arsenal of numerous original tracks and remixes that should all be considered sophisticated dancefloor bombs. Now, he steps into the limelight with the release of debut album “Charmer” on which he collaborates with a wide variety of guest artists such as Jaw, Peter Bjorn and John, Young Galaxy, Jimi Tenor etc.

We got our mitts on this exclusive, one hour long mix that true to its name “One Magic Hour” provides us with an hour of housey magic.

Tracklist after the jump.

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Swedish producer Johan Agebjörn (perhaps most known for his work together with singstress Sally Shapiro) release his album “Notes” (which includes collaborations with Sally Shapiro, Loney Dear and Young Galaxy) today on Paper Bag Records.

The starting point for the album was the electric piano sound of the Casio MT-52, a cheap keyboard from the early 80s that was mostly used on an amateur level. It’s used (together with other sounds) on almost every track on the album.

“I was making a remix (for Jam & Spoon) and I needed a cheap electric piano sound. I settled for the piano sound of the Casio, and then I fell in love with it. It inspired me to start working in a different style, mostly without the kind of drum, bass and pad sounds I normally use. For some reason it turned out to be the perfect sound to express feelings I had inside me that I wanted to turn into music. There’s some kind of unintended sadness, simplicity and authenticity in that sound”.

What better way to celebrate the album release than with an exclusive mix from the man himself, listen to the mix and discover the soundscape of Johan Agebjörn then check out the album!

Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

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Johan Agebjörn (the producer for Swedish disco princess Sally Shapiro) will release his “Notes” album on Canadian label Paper Bag Records February 10th (at the same time a new vinyl edition of the excellent Sally Shapiro debut album “Disco Romance” will be released), the concept album starts out from the electronic piano sound of the Casio MT-52 and slants towards an ambient sound but with influences from pop and disco.

On the album, Johan Agebjörn has collaborated with Swedish balearic pop gods Korallreven and we at Discobelle are proud to premiere their remix of the track “The Right To Play”, a remix that starts out as a lush, softspoken and dreamlike discoish influenced track with a whisper of a piano only to emerge into a full blown euphoric anthem (watch out for the ravelike break).